Getting the Perfect Swim from your Swim Spa

If you’re looking for the perfect swim, a swim spa is an ideal investment. Not only will it allow you to swim year round, but adjustable currents and speeds will give you the power to tailor your workout to your abilities.

Below, you’ll learn which factors to be on the lookout for in a swim spa to ensure the perfect swim.
What is the Perfect Swim?

The best swim spa companies have done their research and created swim spas that will create the perfect swim for a variety of users. For example, Hydropool has been creating swim spas for 20 years and has been in business for 35 years. Among their strongest innovations are river flow jets with air injection, specialized seating, and curved walls.

What to Look For

To make sure you find a swim spa that will give you the perfect swim, you’ll want to carefully examine the pumps and hydraulics, jets, current control, and shell design.

The first thing to look for is hydraulic pumps that will prevent turbulence and create an exceptionally flat swim. Swim spas with both throw and catch systems work like conveyor belts to diminish turbulence and these kinds of systems are the best for creating a smooth swim. If you aren’t sure how to judge whether a swim spa has this type of system, just ask your dealer. A knowledgeable dealer can guide you toward these types of swim spas.

Next, pay attention to the swim jets. Look for jets that create a large, wide current. This type of jet system will also eliminate turbulence. An example of a good jet system is Hydropool’s patented Sweep 90 jets. As the vortex exits the jets, they shred it to ensure that the swimming area remains calm.

A swim spa with an adjustable current will also go a long way toward customizing your swim. Whether you’re a beginning swimmer or an advanced athlete in training, it’s essential to choose a swim spa with a wide range of settings you can adjust based on your ability level.
Finally, notice the swim spa’s shell design. Curved shells will reduce the current, eliminate backsplash, and create an even swim.

Know What to Avoid

Less expensive swim spas often have design and mechanical flaws that can make your swim less than ideal.

While many swim spas feature large, rectangular channel designs with straight walls, this type of design is problematic because it encourages strong currents and backsplash, both of which can make for a rocky swim. Bench style seating will also create problems with turbulence. If you want to truly eliminate backsplash, you’ll want to invest in a model with outcrops.

Another feature that can cause problems is fire hose style jets with air injection. Because these types of jet systems have multiple controllers for positioning the jets, they can create difficulties when you try to adjust the jets to suit your abilities. Swim spas where you can adjust both jets with one controller are a better choice when you want a smoother swim.

Another feature to avoid is pumps that create an insufficient volume of water. Always choose a swim spa that allows you to achieve a deep, wide stroke. If you can’t do this, you’ll want to look for a swim spa with more water volume.

The Best Swim Spas for Everyday Athletes

If you are an everyday athlete who wants to get in shape, you need a swim spa that is wide and deep enough for you to easily do a variety of strokes. Make sure to test your swim spa to ensure that the fit is comfortable.

An adjustable current is another valuable feature. This allows any athlete to individualize their workout by creating more or less speed or resistance. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced swimmer, you’ll be able to adjust the current and challenge yourself as you improve.

A deep shell design is also necessary, as it provides exceptional versatility. Not only can athletes achieve a challenging swimming workout, but they can engage in a range of other in-water exercises such as running against the current or tether cord and rowing.

Finally, seated areas with massage features are a must. They provide an excellent way to care for your body and relax your muscles after a vigorous swim.

Perfect Swims for Athletes

High-quality swim spas are essential for competitive athletes. Because training is a large time investment, being able to train at home can be a huge perk.

If you’re a competitive athlete, you’ll want to look for a smooth current that you can adjust as you advance toward more difficult training sessions. It’s also important to choose a swim spa that can track your time, distance, calories, and progress so you can stay on top of your training plans. Some swim spas feature interval training options that will help you truly challenge yourself through intense workouts. Your dealer should be able to guide you toward swim spas with this option.

Another great feature for athletes in training is a swim spa with a massage area where you can recover from strenuous workouts and competitions.

Hopefully this blog post has given you ideas about how to find a swim spa that will create the perfect swim for you.

To learn more about the many varieties of swim spas, download our swim spa buyer’s guide.

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