Getting Hot Tub Installation Right

Finding the perfect spot for your hot tub can be tough, but understanding the basics of hot tub installation can help. Whether your goal is functionality or beauty, below you’ll learn about the pros and cons of a variety of installation styles so you can pick the right one for you.

Edge of Deck Style

Edge of deck installations are among the most popular choices of hot tub buyers. Not only are edge of deck installations beautiful, but they also provide easy access during service calls. Installation with a lifter is also very convenient with the edge of deck style.

Inground Style

When you want both function and beauty, an inground installation is a smart choice. Inground installations can be time-consuming and require a lot of work, so if you want a fast installation, this is probably not the right choice. If you do have the time, however, with some careful planning this installation style is worth it.

One of the most important considerations with this installation style is finding a way to access the hot tub on all four sides for service calls. Because your hot tub will be in a low-lying area, you’ll also want to find a way to prevent flooding. As you dig the pit, make sure it is able to compensate for excess water flow. Also ensure that your hot tub will be fully secured so animals won’t try to use it as a home. If you work closely with your retailer, you’ll ensure that your inground installation is done right.

Half and Half Style

Half and half installations are great choices when you want easy care and maintenance. They also make it easy for guests who have mobility issues to get in and out of the hot tub. This type of installation is difficult and requires dealer assistance, but remains a popular style.

Stand Alone Style

When you’re looking for ease of installation or want a hot tub you can use right away, the stand alone installation style is among the easiest. Your hot tub will simply be placed in a location of your choice by a crane. You can fill it right away and start to enjoy it immediately. The hot tub can be easily lifted by a crane, placed where you want it, and be filled right away. Stand alone installations are also aesthetically unique and dramatic and can add style to your outdoor space.

Raised Deck Style

Raised deck installations are known for their beauty. Although this can be worth it, there are a few installation tricks so you’ll need to discuss your needs with a dealer. One of the top priorities for a raised deck installation is ensuring that the hot tub can be accessed on all sides when it requires maintenance. If you have a recessed deck, space restrictions can make cover and lifter installation challenging, so make sure to talk to your retailer about this as well.

Indoor Style

If you don’t plan to use your hot tub during cold weather or don’t have a patio that can house your hot tub, an indoor installation is an ideal solution. Indoor installations can also add beauty and luxury to your exercise or four-season room. There are, however, several considerations you’ll need to make with an indoor installation including making sure you have good ventilation. Windows, humidifiers, and fans are all crucial. You’ll also need to have a floor drain and a nearby water tap.

To learn how to select the right hot tub for you, download our Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide.

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