How to Get the Perfect Swim with a Swim Spa

Whether you’re an athlete in training or just getting into the swing of a new fitness routine, creating the perfect swim will help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Finding the right swim spa for your needs is the first step in creating your ideal workout.

Below, you’ll learn about the features you should look for in a swim spa to create the perfect swim for you.

What to Look For

There are four features that work in conjunction to create the perfect swim: jets, pumps and hydraulics, current, and shell design. Over the past two decades, many swim spa manufacturers have made huge innovations in these areas. Here’s what to look for in each area.

Hydraulics and Pumps

When considering the hydraulic system of any swim spa, you should be on the lookout for pumps that will create a smooth, flat swim with minimal turbulence. To achieve this, you should choose a swim spa that offers both a throw and catch system. This kind of system is similar to a conveyor belt and keeps turbulence low.


The next element to consider is the swim jet system. Ideally, look for jets that create a wide current to further diminish turbulence. An example of this style of jet system is Hydropool’s Sweep 90 jets. As the vortex issues from the jets, it is shredded to create a smooth area for swimming.


An adjustable current is key to creating the perfect swim. Choose a swim spa with a range of adjustable settings that you can customize to your ability level. To make sure the swim spa suits all users, find a model with available settings for all levels of swimmers from beginners to advanced. This will also ensure that each swimmer has ample opportunity to challenge themselves as they improve.


Shell design is easy to overlook, but it can be a key factor in creating a smooth swim channel. Look for a curved shell that will reduce backsplash and ensure a calm area for swimming.

Swim Spa Flaws to Avoid

From design to mechanics, there are several things you want to avoid when selecting a swim spa.
As you start shopping for swim spas, you’ll notice a large number of large, rectangular channel designs with straight walls. Despite its popularity, this is a style of design you should avoid. This is because when you swim in a rectangular model, strong waves can create backsplash that makes swimming difficult. A design feature to look for instead is the addition of outcrops, as these will deter backsplash. Bench style seating can also create a rough swim, so it should also be avoided.

In terms of jets, avoid systems that force you to position jets by using multiple controllers. The more controllers you have, the harder it will be to create the right current. Instead, choose a swim spa that allows you to simultaneously adjust both jets with just one controller. Not only will you be able to establish the perfect current, but your swim will be more even as well.
The last mechanical feature to avoid is a pump system that creates too little water volume. You should be able to easily swim with a wide, deep stroke. If you cannot, it’s likely that you need more water volume.

The Right Swim Spa for Fitness

If your main goal in purchasing a swim spa is to get in shape while swimming a variety of strokes, you’ll want to make sure the swim spa allows you to easily do each of these strokes comfortably.
By choosing a swim spa with an adjustable current, you’ll be able to individualize your exercise session by adjusting the speed and resistance. From beginning swimmers to advanced athletes, you need to have the control to adjust the current so you can challenge yourself and take your workout to the next level.

Swim spas with deep shell designs also offer the versatility you need. Not only will you be able to improve your swimming capabilities, but you’ll have the freedom to do other exercises like running against the current, strength training with the tether cord, and rowing. This will keep your workout fresh so you stay motivated.

Anyone who is committed to fitness knows that there’s nothing better after a tough workout than a relaxing massage. Find a swim spa with seated massage areas so you can properly soothe your muscles after your swim.

The Best Swim Spa for Competitive Athletes

Competitive athletes who are serious about their sport require the best training options available. Because training can be time-consuming, investing in a swim spa is a great way to help you spend more time at home while staying committed to your training schedule.

Triathletes and other competitive athletes should look for swim spas with smooth, adjustable currents that they can adjust to a level that challenges them as they improve. Progress tracking features including time, distance, and calories are also essential to ensuring that you’re training at the right level. If you’re engaged in a serious training routine, look for swim spas with intensive interval training options.

Finally, a seated massage area is essential to recovery. It will relax your muscles and aid your recovery so you’re ready for the next challenge.

By following these specific buying tips, you’ll be able to create the perfect swim for your fitness needs.

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