Get the Full Therapeutic Benefits from Your Hot Tub

Whether you suffer from insomnia and stress, muscle pain, or other chronic health issues, hot tubs are popular among consumers for their therapeutic properties. Although most hot tubs will provide some level of therapy, it’s important to know that some will offer more benefits than others.

Below you’ll learn how to choose a hot tub that will provide you with an exceptional therapeutic experience.

Proper Jet Location

Each hot tub user will have different therapeutic needs. To get the most out of your hot tub’s therapeutic benefits, make a list of each user’s goals and how the hot tub can benefit them. This will ensure that you only shop for the therapeutic features you need.

In addition, when you visit the dealer make sure to examine the jet structure. A hot tub with enough jets is necessary, but placement is even more important. Jets should be strategically located so that they not only target the pressure points you need, but provide a full body massage as well. The best jets for therapeutic purposes are called hydrotherapy massage jets, so be on the lookout for this style.

Get the Right Therapeutic Programs

No matter what your therapeutic goals, choose a hot tub that has a variety of programs that will deliver the results you need. From back or leg pain to exercise recovery, stress relief, and more, there are hot tubs with therapeutic programs that will address your specific needs.

For the best possible therapeutic experience, expert including chiropractors and physiotherapists recommend a four-zone hot tub system. One example of this system is Hydropool hot tubs, which offer a variety of jet styles, pressures, and locations distributed across four seats. That means that in each seat you sit in, you’ll get a different customized massage that targets your exact issue. As you move from seat to seat, the massage can even target different areas and muscles in the same region to more fully address a problem such as back pain.

In addition, there are eight therapeutic programs so you can further personalize your experience to meet your goals.

Incorporating Wellness Options

A good hot tub’s therapeutic capabilities don’t stop with its massage capabilities. The best hot tubs can also help you improve wellness by using scent (known as aromatherapy) and light (chromatherapy) to help you relax, lift your mood, and provide other mental and physical benefits. The latest Hydropool hot tubs feature these wellness options that can further enhance your hot tub experience.

Create a Personalized Treatment Plan

No matter what your needs, you should choose a hot tub that allows you to create a custom hot tub experience that provides all of the therapeutic benefits you’re looking for. Each person is different, so take the time to choose a hot tub with the full range of chromatherapy, aromatherapy, and therapeutic massage options for your issues.

Now that you’ve learned how to make the most of your hot tub’s therapeutic options, click below to download our buyer’s guide and start searching for the ideal hot tub.

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