Get the Full Benefits of a Hot Tub Wet Test

If you were buying a car, you probably wouldn’t drive it off the lot without taking a test drive first. But many people don’t know that the same should be true when you purchase a hot tub: you should always try before you buy.

Below you’ll learn the best methods for wet testing a hot tub to help you choose the right one for you.

Wet Testing Your Spa: Basics

A hot tub wet test is exactly what it sounds like: you visit the spa dealer, tell them what you’re looking for, and then you test each hot tub you’re considering while it’s full. A wet test will help you know exactly what the hot tub feels like to soak in and whether it meets your needs. The ability to wet test is one of the top benefits of purchasing a hot tub from a dealer.

Test for Comfort

The first thing to consider during your wet test is the comfort of the hot tub. Pay attention to how many jets they are and how much pressure they produce. Try out different programs for different therapeutic needs (such as insomnia or stress relief) and massage options for different body parts.

Also pay attention to the seats. You want seats that will fit you and your guests and that are comfortable to sit in. Ergonomically designed, multi-level seats are a good choice if you want the absolute best fit. The seats should also be deep enough in the water that your shoulders are covered so you stay warm during cold or rainy soaks. Don’t forget to test the lounger seat and make sure it’s comfortable and that you don’t float out of it.

Test for Space

The next thing to think about during your wet test is the amount of space in the hot tub. Make sure there is enough room for your family and friends to sit comfortably. That means they should have plenty of space around them even if someone is sitting next to them. The footwell should also be spacious so there is plenty of room for everyone to fully relax.

Sensory Tests

While comfort and space are the top considerations during a wet test, you should also tune into your other senses like smell and hearing during your soak. First, pay attention to how loud the hot tub is. A quieter hot tub will allow you to have a more peaceful soak, so listen to the differences between hot tub sound levels. If your hot tub is too loud, it will be difficult to relax.

In addition, pay attention to the smell of the water. Some hot tubs will smell more chlorinated than others, which is a turnoff to some people. In addition, if the hot tub has aromatherapy options, ask to try them out.

Now that you know why a hot tub wet test is so important, you can start your quest for the perfect hot tubs to try out. Download our buyer’s guide to start looking today!

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