Games to Play in Your Hot Tub

Being the owner of a hot tub is a great way to relax, take advantage of hydrotherapy benefits and be able to unwind in the comfort of your own home. What some people don’t consider is that a hot tub is also the perfect place to play games, socialize and bond with family and friends. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most popular hot tub games which are guaranteed to be enjoyed by everyone.

Musical Jets

Its musical chairs but in your hot tub and the goal is to not be caught in front of a jet that is not running. Have one person play music while participants are walking around the hot tub in a clockwise motion. The music controller will randomly stop the music and when they do, all bathers must freeze on the spot. Anyone that is not in front of a running jet is eliminated from the game and must remove themselves from the hot tub.

Make sure that before you begin, you turn off half the jets in the hot tub, otherwise, no one will ever lose!


Hockey in a hot tub? Why not! All that is needed is a small floating object, which will be the puck and this needs to be placed in the center of the hot tub. Divide your group into two teams and begin by blowing a whistle. Participants can make waves or blow on the puck but cannot touch it with any part of their body. When a team gets the puck to touch their opponent’s wall, it is considered a goal. The first team that scores 3 goals is crowned the winner. Splashing is allowed and makes for extra fun!

Board Games

There are so many different waterproof board games designed for hot tubs which are perfect for a fun game night. Try floating chess or checkerboards, waterproof playing cards, or Uno.

Balloon Race

The balloon race is challenging and amusing at the same time. This game requires some large balloons which are passed around to players. Once everyone has a balloon, they need to hold the opening over a running hot tub jet to fill with water. When the balloon starts to fill, it becomes difficult and unruly to manage. Whoever manages to get the largest balloon and is still holding it is the winner.

Ping Pong

Why not try ping pong with a twist? With this game, the players cannot touch the ping pong balls with any part of their body, which is quite the challenge. Begin by dropping 5 balls into the middle of the tub and have all bathers quickly scatter away. The objective is for participants to avoid being touched by a ping pong ball and if they do, they are eliminated and must sit outside of the hot tub until there is only one player (the winner) left. To make the final round even more exciting, when the last two players are left in the tub, start adding a new ping pall ball every 20 seconds to increase the intensity.

If you have hosted a hot tub party or game night, remember to test the water the next day. After heavy usage, it may require additional chemicals to treat the water and ensure proper balance. After you are finished playing your games, do a quick inspection of the hot tub to make sure no pieces were left inside which could end up clogging the drain or jets.

Now that you know some great hot tub games that you can try, download a hot tub buyer’s guide to learn more about the many models we offer and their different features.

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