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The Eco-Friendly Advantages of Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Did you know that you can also extend your eco-friendly efforts to your very own backyard oasis? Below, we’ll explore the benefits of owning a Hydropool hot tub or swim spa that’s designed with energy efficiency in mind and how it can help you enjoy luxury while promoting sustainability. Here’s what you should know!

What Makes Hydropool Spas Energy-Efficient?

As an industry leader, Hydropool is all about pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting the bar high, especially regarding sustainable design. In fact, it’s proudly sitting in the global top 3 for stand-by wattage and energy efficiency. Now, let’s take a look at the key qualities and features that allow Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas to save energy:

Superior Insulation

The Thermal Shield system is at the core of Hydropool’s outstanding insulation. This technology involves multiple layers of insulation, including reflective surfaces like aluminum foil, to trap and reflect heat back into the hot tub or swim spa. On top of that, most models use full-foam insulation, which fills the space between the shell and the cabinet with heat-trapping foam.

Heavy-Duty Cover

A lot of heat can escape from a hot tub or swim spa when it’s not in use. That’s where Hydrowise Heat Shield Hardcover comes into play. It’s designed to keep debris out and act as a shield that locks the heat in and keeps the cold out, even during harsh Canadian winters.

Self-cleaning Technology

Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas have a self-cleaning function that automatically filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes. This means they don’t have to work as hard to maintain water quality. You can also talk to your local spa dealer to learn more about how Hydropool’s exclusive self-cleaning technology works.

Eco-heat Exchange

The pumps in your hot tub or swim spa produce heat as they operate. With Hydropool’s eco-heat exchange system, this excess heat doesn’t go to waste. Instead, it’s reflected back into the spa. By recycling heat, Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas maintain the ideal temperature without relying on extra power.

How You Can Benefit from an Eco-Friendly Hot Tub or Swim Spa

When you have a hot tub or swim spa from Hydropool, you can enjoy great benefits that enhance your fitness and relaxation experience while being environmentally responsible. Here are some of the advantages you can look forward to:

1. Environmental Impact

Many homeowners get hot tubs or swim spas for relaxation, stress relief, fitness, and hydrotherapy. Some of these benefits are essential to their well-being and quality of life. In such cases, choosing an energy-efficient option like Hydropool’s can be a responsible compromise.
If you’re concerned about the environment but still want the benefits of a hot tub or swim spa, choosing an eco-friendly option and adopting energy-efficient practices can help strike a balance between enjoyment and sustainability.

2. Cost Savings

Because an energy-efficient hot tub or swim spa retains heat, prevents heat loss, and reduces the energy needed to maintain your desired temperature, you’ll experience significant cost savings over time. With lower energy use and less water consumption, owning a hydropool hot tub or swim spa benefits the environment and your wallet.

3. Extended Enjoyment

With their exceptional insulation and energy-efficient features, Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas can be enjoyed year-round, regardless of the weather. Whether it’s a chilly winter evening or a warm summer day, you can unwind in your spa without worrying about high energy consumption.

4. Long-Term Value

While it’s true that energy-efficient hot tubs and swim spas have a higher price tag upfront, the value they can provide in the long run is undeniable. Eco-friendly models are often high quality and built to last longer, so you can expect less wear and tear. Over time, the savings on energy bills, repair fees, and other maintenance costs can offset the initial purchase price.

Adding a hot tub or swim spa from Hydropool to your home benefits your well-being and brings peace of mind. You can fully enjoy therapeutic benefits while being kinder to the environment. It’s a rewarding combination that can leave you with a deep sense of satisfaction as you soak or swim away in your backyard oasis.

To learn more about choosing the perfect hot tub or swim spa for your home, you can also download our free buyer’s guide.

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