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Draining Your Indoor Swim Spa

Each spa is different when it comes to cleaning; however, a typical swim spa should be cleaned every 3 to 4 months.

Some spas will have water that stays fresher longer than others, depending on how often you check chemical levels and keep your cover on. In addition, your water’s quality can be affected by many other factors, including any creams, sprays, or products that the individuals in your spa may have on. Regularly cleaning your filtration system and not allowing too much time to pass without running your pump can also help to keep your water clean longer. Many factors come into play when cleaning your swim spa, and through this blog, we will provide you with
everything you’ll need to know.

What Makes An Indoor Swim Spa Special?

A swim spa is ultimately a combination of a hot tub and a swimming pool, as it offers both hydrotherapy and exercise benefits. A swim spa’s main selling point is its compact size. Swim spas are considered “the best of both” and offer opportunities that neither hot tubs nor pools can provide alone. Therefore, if you’re looking for an addition to your home that can provide a combination of benefits, then a swim spa might be the perfect fit for you.

When it comes to cleaning your swim spa, its location plays a vital role in how often you will need to do so. Indoor swim spas are ultimately safe from the elements and are not subject to extreme temperature changes like outdoor units. To keep warm water in and dirt and debris out, it is essential to cover your spa, even if it is indoors.

How Often Do You Need To Change The Water?

Whether your swim spa water looks clean or not, it is a good idea to still test the pH and other chemical levels regularly. It is good practice to recognize that your water should be changed without simply waiting for it to look like it needs to be. Because you’re dealing with high temperatures, the water will evaporate faster than that of a pool. This means that solids, chemicals and residues can be left behind more quickly. The water in a swim spa is also smaller and more concentrated, which means it has less space to circulate around.

On top of all of these external factors, you also need to consider the individuals that are in your swim spa. Deodorants, creams, perfumes, and so on can be easily removed by the heat and can affect the overall state of your water. These products can create an imbalance in your swim spa’s water chemistry. To ensure that things run smoothly and everyone is safe and healthy, it is important to maintain the correct chemical levels in your swim spa water.

What Are The Best Ways To Keep It Clean?

Regular testing of the chemical levels is the first step in keeping your water clean. It’s not always the easiest to notice changes in your water’s chemistry levels unless there are clear signs, so routine testing is key.

For instance, if your water is consistently cloudy or has an unpleasant odor, then it is likely time to drain it. You should also take care of your plumbing and jets when cleaning out your spa to ensure the longevity of your spa’s cleanliness.

Using A Spigot To Drain Your Swim Spa:

Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning Swim Spas are very easy to drain using their pressurized filtration system. With the unit in Stand-By mode, remove the filter basket, plug the skimmer with a threaded 1.5” plug, turn the slice valve leading to the circulation pump and connect the hose to the spigot fitting located near your pumps. Once your hose is properly secured using a wire clamp, turn the ball valve to allow the water to drain. Resume back to the control panel

where you will select “Quick Drain” and the unit will drain itself using the floor vacuum and swim jet pump. Clean the inside of the unit while it’s draining to ensure you have a fresh start when refilling. Once the water has drained completely, you can close the ball valve of your spigot, disconnect the hose, and release the slice valve to allow your circulation pump to run when filled and turned back on.

Using A Submersible Pump To Drain Your Swim Spa:

This is a similar process to using a spigot, but with a submersible pump. Start by turning the unit off and placing your pump in the swim spa and leading the hose to reach the desired location you wish to drain the water. Similar cleaning methods will apply as you want to make sure that your spa is clean while draining it. This is also a great time to clean out your filters to make sure that your swim spa functions properly at startup.

Knowing how often your spa should be drained is an important part of owning one. To learn more about all things spa-related, download our free buyer’s guide to learn more.

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