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Does a Swim Spa Add Value to Home?

If you love swimming but do not have enough outdoor space for a full-size swimming pool, a swim spa is a great alternative. A swim spa allows you to swim and practice your strokes in a smaller place while remaining in place from the force of a swim current, similar to how a treadmill works for runners. Since you can swim in place, you never reach the wall and have to turn around – so no need for constant laps. If you’re considering purchasing a swim spa but wondering if it adds value to a home, keep reading below.

Property Value

Often, when talking about whether or not something will add value to a home, it is the property value that is being referred to. When someone asks if a swim spa will increase the asking price of their home, it can be hard to give a firm answer. There is plenty of debate between real estate agencies when it comes to whether or not a swim spa will increase your home’s worth, but what will apply to your specific situation usually depends on a couple of factors.  

The type of neighborhood your home is located in plays a large role in how your swim spa will affect your selling price. If your home is in a community where the majority of homes have a pool, hot tub, or swim spa, your property value might suffer if your home lacks the amenities that have become standard in the neighborhood. 

If instead, your home is one of the only or the only home in a community that has a swim spa, it can be more appealing to buyers. Still, there can be a fine line between standing out and appearing too conspicuous, ostentatious, and expensive.

The staging and aesthetic appeal of your swim spa is another major factor. A professional and well-designed installation that properly blends with its surroundings and is well landscaped is way more likely to create value versus a swim spa that was randomly plunked in a backyard. As pretty much all real estate agents will agree, presentation is key.

Personal Wellbeing

For most swim spa owners, having a swim spa increases the value of their personal wellbeing, which is more important. As our daily lives continue to increase in pace and we spend more time dealing with external events, creating an oasis of calm and personal improvement becomes more crucial.

A swim spa can be a great way to refocus your energy and be a place of solitude and relaxation as well as a venue for personal development and even socializing with family and friends. All of these benefits elevate self-fulfillment, inner strength, and overall quality of life.

Rental Consideration

If you rent your home on Airbnb or other short term platforms, a ‘luxury’ amenity like a swim spa can create significant value for your rental. Especially in today’s social media-driven life, many people have begun to use their vacation time as a way to showcase their luxury indulgences and success. A well designed and high quality swim spa can not only attract more patrons, but significantly increase the amount of money they’re willing to spend to stay at your property. Many rental specialists have found that a swim spa or hot tub help create a quick return on investment and significantly improve vacancy rates.

Quality Reminder

As with everything else in life, we get out what we put in. Investing in a quality swim spa by Hydropool will not only become a valued part of your lifestyle but an essential part of your wellbeing regime that lasts for years to come. A quality, self-cleaning model that is backed by a durable warranty will be simple to take care of, be energy efficient, and be built to last.

To learn more about the benefits of swim spas and how they may add value to your home, download a swim spa buyer’s guide.

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