Do You Have Enough Space for Your Hot Tub? Let Us Show You.

Do You Have Enough Space for Your Hot Tub? Let Us Show You.

As soon as you consider purchasing a hot tub, it can be very tempting to begin shopping and planning for your new tub and making a quick purchase. There are plenty of hot tubs on the market ranging in models and sizes, allowing for everyone to find something that fits their specific needs.

However, before you begin making too many decisions and purchase a hot tub, it is essential you ensure there is enough space for your hot tub. In the following article, you will learn about some factors that need to be considered when deciding on the perfect hot tub location.

Structural Support

Wherever you put your hot tub, you are going to want to make sure there is sufficient structural support. For instance, if you will be building a new deck for your hot tub you will require a 3.5 – 4-inch slab to ensure support for a medium sized hot tub. A full hot tub is very heavy, typically weighing about 850 pounds. When you add around 400 gallons of water it can add about 3500 pounds. Additionally, you will want to consider the weight of the bathers, which could be up to 1000 pounds. It adds up quickly and can very easily go over 5000 pounds, so it is very important to make sure the structure is well supported.

In addition to the slab, it is important to properly size the joist and beams to support the heavy load. Often, you are going to want to contact a structural engineer to make sure the design plan is well thought out and the deck is properly elevated. You will also want to keep municipal codes and building standards in mind.

Where to Put Your Hot Tub?

One of the most important decisions to make before you purchase your hot tub is, where are you going to put it. It is pretty common for people to choose their deck, patio, garden, or indoors at a place like their basement. Wherever you install your hot tub, the most important factor is to make sure there is a solid foundation for a concrete pad.

Here are a few key items to think about when considering the perfect location:

Is there enough space around the hot tub so a technician can access certain components of the hot tub in case there is an inspection or repair required?

  • Do people have enough space to enter, exit, and walk around the hot tub?
  • Do you need to consider additional plumbing and electrical lines?
  • Do you have enough space to place a hot tub cover when it is not in use?
  • Is your hot tub going to be in a private location or will you need to install a fence or shade?

Deck Alternatives

There are other options when it comes to finding the perfect location for your hot tub. Some decks may be too small or a user may be looking to use another foundation to save on space. Typically these alternatives need to be customized for a specific size if it is going to be placed in the backyard or garden. The main thing is you are going to want to ensure there is enough space around the hot tub for the points mentioned above.

Blocks: Blocks are a great budget option for those who do not want to sacrifice style. Blocks can come in various stones and be based on your personal style and preferred landscaping. However, before you use the blocks, make sure the surrounding area is level with gravel or sand. This will prevent shifting and settling. Blocks should be at least 3 inches thick.

Concrete Pad: This is really the most common choice. It typically involves pouring concrete that will be 4 inches thick. The concrete will also be reinforced with rebar to prevent any sort of cracking.

Gravel: If you are looking for a budget option, crushed gravel can create a solid foundation for your hot tub. The gravel should provide a 4-inch thick layer and compacted to make sure there is no settling or shifting.

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