Is It Difficult to Keep a Swim Spa Clean

For anyone that is attracted to the health benefits that swimming provides and is a fitness enthusiast, owning a swim spa is ideal. A common question that dealers receive is if it is difficult to maintain a swim spa and how much work is involved in cleaning it. All swim spas are not created equal and their maintenance features can vary significantly amongst different models. If you are considering purchasing a swim spa, make sure to do your research first and ask your local dealer about what is required for ongoing cleaning and maintenance. In this article, we will explain how to keep a swim spa clean and what to expect.

How Easy/Hard is it to Keep a Swim Spa Clean?

Swim spas are actually much easier to maintain compared to a traditional swimming pool as they require fewer chemicals and are smaller. Today’s models are designed with leading technology that limits the amount of maintenance you are responsible for and also minimizes disruption. Hydropool swim spas are capable of filtering thousands of water each hour through the unit’s powerful pumps, meaning that your swim spa is 100% filtered several times every single day.

Our swim spas contain a pre-filter unit and high flow skimmers that automate the cleaning process. The skimmer is what works to trap and remove debris, dirt, and oil so that the unit’s heater and pump do not become clogged. The debris captured from the skimmer is pushed into the swim spas pre-filter and promptly removed. If you want to minimize your cleaning tasks as much as possible, select a model that is also equipped with an automatic floor vacuum. This ensures that your swim spa will always be clean and ready to be enjoyed whenever you feel like it.

Buying a Swim Spa: Is it Worth It?

Swim spas combine both therapeutic massage jets and a way to get a challenging workout without having to leave your home. Buying a traditional swimming pool is often not an option for many people, either due to limited space requirements or they cannot decide between purchasing a swim spa or hot tub. Thankfully, a swim spa offers the best of both worlds and is the perfect solution.

Tips, Recommendations & How Often to Clean Your Swim Spa

Overall maintenance can vary based on the model that you choose, but there are usually some common daily, weekly and monthly cleaning requirements. Here is a guideline and some recommendations to follow:


● Inspect to ensure that the proper water level is maintained


● Remove the skimmer basket and clean
● Refill the chemical dispenser
● Wipe down the stainless steel controls
● Test the alkalinity and pH levels


Every month, you will need to remove the filter cartridge to soak in a specialized cleaning solution and allow to completely dry before replacing. Our recommendation is to purchase a second filter, that way you can use the backup filter while cleaning the primary filter and not have any downtime for using your swim spa. We also recommend wearing rubber gloves when you clean your filter cartridge.

Every three months, half the water in your swim spa should be drained so that the acrylic shell can be scrubbed with a non-abrasive cleaner that your dealer will recommend.

Now that you know how simple and stress-free it is to keep a swim spa clean, download our buyer’s guide to find out more about Hydropool models and how to select the best one for your needs.

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