Choosing the Right Hot Tub Installation Style

Whether you want to create an outdoor oasis or add a relaxing element to your indoor home gym, the location of your hot tub as well as how it’s installed is crucial. Determining the best installation takes some thought, so it’s important to fully think through the pros and cons of each option.

Below you’ll find out about how to choose the right installation style for your hot tub.

Deck Installations

Decks are popular locations for hot tub installation as they are both beautiful and convenient. One of the most popular installation styles is edge of deck. Edge of deck installations provide easy lifter installation and service access. They’re also known for their striking appearance. If you want a quick and painless installation, edge of deck may be for you.

Another option is to try raised deck installation. This style is just as aesthetically pleasing as edge of deck, but it is somewhat more complex. Before you move forward with this style, discuss your ideas with your hot tub dealer to ensure that there is sufficient maintenance access on all sides of the hot tub. If you have space limitations, raised deck installations can sometimes cause problems because hardcover and lifter installation can be difficult. By discussing your deck installation with your dealer, you’ll ensure that it is truly the best option for your space.

Installing Inground

Inground installations are both beautiful and highly functional. The downside is that they can be time consuming and also require more effort than other styles. Before you embark on an inground installation, get a sense of how long and complicated the process will be by talking to your dealer. Next, determine whether the hot tub location will provide access on all sides for maintenance.

When choosing a final location for an inground installation, choose a spot where water won’t collect in the bottom and make sure the pit is dug by someone with expertise to ensure that excess water won’t be a problem. Securing an inground installation is also crucial, as it will keep wildlife from inhabiting the hot tub. By working with your dealer, an inground installation will provide you with the style and functionality you’re looking for.

Half and Half Installation Tips

If you have users who find it difficult to enter or exit the hot tub, a half and half installation style can be a great choice. Your guests will be able to easily get in and out of the hot tub. Make sure to work closely with your dealer throughout the installation process. Once the hot tub is installed, it will be extremely easy to use and care for.

Stand Alone Installation Advice

If ease and speed are important to you when installing a hot tub, a stand alone installation is likely for you. This simple installation style allows you to easily lower your hot tub into position by crane and fill it immediately. Despite their simplicity, stand alone installations are among the most striking, so if style is a priority, this style offers many benefits.

Indoor Installation Considerations

Some people prefer indoor installation if they don’t enjoy using their hot tub in cold weather, if they don’t have an ideal outdoor space, or if they want to make sure they can use their hot tub every day despite outdoor conditions. Exercise rooms, four-season rooms, and sun rooms are all great places to install a hot tub indoors and can add both entertainment and style to your home. Keep in mind that indoor installations require some legwork before the process begins. Adding fans, humidifiers, and windows will enhance insulation while floor drains and a water tap are essential to a successful installation.

Now that you have a better understanding about how to install your hot tub, click below to download our buyer’s guide and decide which hot tub is right for your style.

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