• How To Run A Hot Tub Economically

    Although most everybody loves the idea of spending time in a hot tub, some people are scared of owning one because they believe the cost of running it would be too expensive. However, following some simple, basic rules can vastly reduce the costs associated with operating a hot tub. To learn how to run a […]

  • What Is The Best Hot Tub For Cold Climates

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  • How to Choose Between Hot Tub and Swim Spa

    The Coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately made using public gyms and community centers a questionable activity. What were once places of health and fitness now appear to pose a threat to the health of their users. This has made home fitness and recreation a much more popular option. Hot tubs and swim spas have been in […]

  • What Is Hydropool Zone Therapy?

    Like any type of mechanical device, different hot tubs have different levels of performance and capability. Hydropool hot tubs have been designed with a unique Zone Therapy in mind. What is Hydropool Zone Therapy? In this article, we’ll find out. The Science of Zone Therapy Hydropool has invested heavily in research and development to help […]

  • How to Empty A Hot Tub?

    Plenty of people use hot tubs without having any idea of what it takes to maintain them. If you’re lucky enough to use a hot tub without having to worry about this, we don’t blame you! However, there needs to be someone who understands how to empty a hot tub, how to clean the water […]

  • How Are Hot Tubs Heated?

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    By now, we should all know the importance of sleep. A well-rested body means a well-rested mind. Lack of sleep can lead to poor decision-making, irritability and greater susceptibility to illness and disease. In an effort to fall asleep faster and have a longer, more uninterrupted rest, people have resorted to all sorts of medications, […]

  • Can Coronavirus Live in A Hot Tub

    With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting almost everything we do on a daily basis, hot tub owners and users might be asking themselves the question, “Can Coronavirus live in a hot tub?” In this article, we check with some of the more recent statements by scientists and health organizations about the relationship between hot tubs and […]

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  • Why are Hot Tubs So Expensive?

    It wasn’t that long ago that hot tubs were considered the domain of rich people. There is definitely a sense of opulence and luxury associated with hot tubs. So why are hot tubs so expensive? Well, the fact is that although you can spend incredible amounts of money on a hot tub, in today’s market […]