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Canadian-Made Hot Tubs

Hydropool is the leading North American spa manufacturer, with all its products created here in Canada. When choosing a hot tub made here, you are not only supporting a Canadian business, but you are also investing in high-quality products. As a consumer, there are endless upsides to choosing a Canadian company, and below, we’ll be letting you know just exactly what those benefits are.

Why Hydropool is a Leading Manufacturer

With more than 250 retailers in over 50 countries, Hydropool offers various hot tub options that fit any budget or space. Because there are so many Hydropool hot tub dealers, it makes it rather easy to support this Canadian-made company. But you might be asking yourself, what are the main benefits you’ll receive from choosing Hydropool?

The Benefits of Canadian-Made Products

Even though the idea of supporting local is usually of value in itself for many people, there are many other benefits to choosing this brand. Of course, it’s the best option for the Canadian economy, but by choosing a local spa manufacturer, you know exactly where your products are coming from. When choosing Hydropool, you are investing in a company that creates their products around energy efficiency and sustainability. Their Evergreen Pumps consume approximately 26% less power than other hot tub pumps on the market. By partnering up with another Canadian company, they established an energy-efficient system that didn’t compromise quality. Although it wasn’t necessary to make this change, Hydropool wanted to so their products would provide further benefits for their customers.

One of the main benefits you’ll receive from supporting local would be the price difference between buying a Canadian product, and one made in another country. Before buying something as large as a hot tub or spa, you have to consider how much shipping costs will be. When purchasing from a Canadian manufacturer, you will be spending far less money on shipping, so you have more left for other backyard projects and plans you might have.

When supporting Canadian companies such as Hydropool, you are not only putting your money towards top-quality products, but it is also extremely cost-effective for you as the consumer.

Buying Local and the Environmental Upside

Coming back to the point of shipping, it is not only more expensive to purchase from another country, but there is also a far larger carbon footprint as a result. Buying locally is much easier on the environment. Hydropool products are also made with the environment in mind, which is another bonus of investing in a hot tub from this manufacturer. Made of materials that are meant to last, these hot tubs also feature many layers of insulation. This feature takes the heat from running parts of the spa and traps and reuses about 90 percent. Therefore, instead of wasting all that heat, it’s used to continue heating the hot tub’s water. This unique feature also allows their spas to run for only a few cents a day.

Because they’re Canadian-made products, you can also be sure that they are made for Canadian winters. When buying hot tubs or spas from other countries, what might be good enough to withstand their temperatures might not last in Canadian climates.

Hydropool hot tubs also feature self-cleaning technology, which is specific and unique to this brand. It is known as the most energy-efficient filtration system around the world, and is another benefit of buying Canadian-made.

These are just a few of the many benefits that come with buying hot tubs and spas from a Canadian company. To learn more about finding the perfect hot tub for your home, download our free buyer’s guide.

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