Is a Hot Tub Heavy?

Can You Put a Hot Tub Next to the House?

One of the first decisions that needs to be made after deciding to purchase a new hot tub is where to put it. Getting the placement right can be the difference between an easily accessible, comfortable and clean soaking environment and one that’s hard to reach while being exposed to the elements and the neighbors. You might have questions about where the hot tub should be. Can you put a hot tub next to house entryways? What about electricity and water? Does it make sense to add shelter to the hot tub? To help you answer these questions and more, we’ve put together a list of considerations.

Ease of Access

You want to make sure your hot tub is easily accessible and have the proper foundation for it to sit upon with adequate drainage. If it’s a long walk from your house or changing room to the hot tub, you might be far less inclined to use it, especially if the weather is bad. Providing quick and easy access to your hot tub will not only ensure that you use it more, but also keep on track with routine maintenance.


When most people think about using a hot tub they think about relaxation and comfort.  Choosing a location that provides comfort and relaxation should therefore be at the top of your mind. If your hot tub is easily overlooked by all your neighbors, you might not be able to relax very easily or feel very comfortable. A bit of privacy goes a long way when it comes to a hot tub. You’ll also want to consider the weather patterns of your location. If it’s exposed to strong gusts of wind, it may make the hot tub experience less comfortable. Southern exposures work well for colder climates, but constant exposure to the sun may be uncomfortable in a hot and sunny climate. If you have access to one, having a nice view is always an added bonus. Think about your sightlines when choosing your hot tub’s ideal location.

Practical Concerns

Your hot tub will obviously require water and electricity. Having easy access to these utilities will make your life as a hot tub owner easier. Hot tubs will require a certified and licensed electrician the professional installation of 220 volt GFCI protected circuit. Keep in mind that the farther this outlet is from your circuit box, the more expensive the installation will be. You’ll also want the area around the hot tub to have good drainage while having easy access to a water source. You’ll need to drain and refill your tub around three or four times a year, so proper drainage is imperative, especially if you put the hot tub next to the house. Filling your hot tub with a garden hose will be much more preferable than carrying buckets of water from your kitchen or bathroom, so if a waterspout doesn’t already exist, you might want to consider installing one.

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