How Hot Does a Swim Spa Get

Can We Use a Swim Spa In The Winter?

If you live in a part of the country that deals with cold winters, you’ll likely be limited when it comes to outdoor swimming. A full-sized swimming pool will need to be closed down for the colder months. This leaves you at the mercy of gyms, community centers, and other indoor pool operations. No longer will you be able to swim whenever the mood strikes. Or will you? It turns out that it’s possible to run a swim spa even in the coldest of weather. You might ask, “How can you use a swim spa in the winter?” Read this article and you’ll find out.

How To Operate A Swim Spa In The Winter

The crucial piece of equipment for the winter operation of your swim spa is a tight-fitting, properly insulated cover. It’s imperative that you don’t let your swim spa ice up. Ice crystals can do serious damage to your plumbing system. To prevent this you’ll need to keep the water heated. If you don’t want your energy bills getting completely out of control, you should cover the swim spa whenever it isn’t being used. Not only will this keep the heat in, but it’ll also reduce the amount of water evaporation that occurs. Water evaporation can be even more of a problem during cold, low humidity winter days than it is in the summer. Another advantage of using a swim spa cover is to keep the water free from dust and other debris. Cleaner water means adding fewer chemicals to maintain water chemistry balance. It also reduces the need for a deep cleaning which requires emptying the swim spa, something you don’t want to be doing in freezing cold weather. A swim spa cover also provides a level of safety as it will keep uninvited guests from accessing the water, accidentally or otherwise.

The Joy Of Winter Swimming

For those who love swimming, getting into the water in the middle of winter can be a revelatory experience. While other people are skiing or skating you can still be partaking in a full outdoor aquatic workout if you have a swim spa. The convenience of being able to suit up, step outside, and take the plunge can beat that of almost every other winter sport. Swim spas allow you to participate in your favorite activity in a fraction of the space that’s required for most outdoor winter sports.

Other Exercise Options

When it comes to exercising in a swim spa you aren’t limited to swimming. Simply using the resistance of the water can increase the intensity of other exercises that are typically done on dry land. Walking or jogging against the current allows you to reduce the impact normally associated with these activities. Water improves your balance and greatly reduces the chances of injury due to falling which makes it a perfect activity for those with mobility issues. Swim spas also have some unique exercise oriented accessories such as underwater weights, rowing simulators, and tethers. If you want to mix up your swimming workout, the swim spa provides an ideal environment.

Year Round Hot Tubbing

If you and your family also enjoy spending time in a hot tub, many swim spas are available with dual temperature set ups. This allows one tank to reach a top temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit while the other tank remains at a temperature more suitable for swimming. Even single tank swim spas can be used as a hot tub by simply turning up the temperature. Rather than being a solitary experience, a swim spa can be a place that the entire family can enjoy.

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