Can Swim Spas Be Used as Hot Tubs?

Can Swim Spas Be Used as Hot Tubs?

If you have been browsing online for hot tubs, you may have come across another interesting product – the swim spa. Designed to be used for fitness, these spas do look quite similar to a hot tub although they are bigger. Swim spas offer a number of benefits and advantages, especially their excellent, space-saving way to get a swim workout in your own home or backyard. If you are intrigued by the swim spa and wondering if it can also be used as a hot tub, you may be surprised.

In the article below, we will answer the common question ‘can swim spas be used as hot tubs’ to help you make a decision on what type of spa to purchase. But first, we will explain exactly what a swim spa is and how it works.

What is a Swim Spa

Swim spas have been around for a few decades but many people are just discovering their wonderful advantages. Somewhat of a pool and hot tub combo, a swim spa is compact but can offer the same type of workout as an Olympic sized pool. How? Using jet propulsion technology, a swim spa generates a strong current that allows the swimmer to swim in place against the current, eliminating the need to do laps and turn around. The spa delivers a constant water flow that will keep the swimmer in place in the middle of the spa while providing a challenging workout which they can customize.

Swim Spa Versatility

Swim spas offer a number of ways to workout and can be used by a beginner or professional athlete. Some of the common ways that people will work out in a swim spa (other than just swimming against the current) are aquatic yoga, water aerobics, rowing, and water walking exercises. Essentially a swim spa is an underwater gym; offering plenty of versatility with exercise options and styles.

Can Swim Spas Be Used Like Hot Tubs

Because the swim spa is designed to exercise in, the water is not heated like a hot tub is. However, there are many split models available which have an area of the swim spa equipped with hydrotherapy seats and massage jets. These types of swim spas have what is referred to as dual-zone heating, meaning that the massage area can be heated to a higher temperature and used to relax, just like a hot tub.

So the short answer is yes, most swim spas can be used like a hot tub. The longer answer is it really depends on the size of the swim spa and its features. While most split units will come equiped with 2 hydrotherapy seats, there are larger models that have ‘hot tub’ seating for up to six. As for the rest of the swim spa, it will be at a different water temperature and not equipped with massage jets. If you want to have a great daily workout option and be able to indulge in a relaxing hydrotherapy massage when you need it, then yes, your swim spa can be used like a hot tub.

Now that you know why swim spas are a great investment, download our swim spa’s buyers guide to learn more about their features.

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