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Can Pool Chemicals Be Stored Outside?

You may not have realized it when you decided to buy a swimming pool, but being a pool owner means that you will become an expert in the storage, measurement, and application of some very strong chemicals. Chemicals need to be added regularly to swimming pool water to keep the pH levels in check and ensure the water stays clean, fresh and safe to swim in. Storing chemicals correctly is important if you want you and your family to be safe and your chemicals to remain effective throughout their lifespan. Where’s the best place to store pool chemicals? What type of containers should you use? Can pool chemicals be stored outside? Read more to find out.

What Conditions Are Best for Pool Chemicals?

Swimming pool chemicals need to be kept in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, sources of heat, electricity or water. Heat, water, and electricity can act as catalysts to set off chemical reactions which could render the chemicals inert or possibly create a dangerous situation. You also need to make sure the area they’re stored in is well ventilated as it’s possible for fumes to build up to the point of overwhelming an unsuspecting victim.

What Is Best for Storage?

It is possible to store pool chemicals outside as long as they aren’t directly exposed to the elements. Sunlight, heat, and water can reduce their effectiveness or possibly cause chemical reactions. You’ll also want to make sure they aren’t easily accessible to small children. It’s inadvisable to store pool chemicals in a garage because of the fume build up that can occur. If you do end up using a shed or similar structure for chemical storage, ensure it’s well ventilated.

Should Certain Chemicals Be Kept Separate?

Chlorine will react with acids to create the very dangerous chlorine gas, so these types of chemicals should be kept apart. You’ll also want to ensure that liquid and powdered chemicals are kept separate. Liquid chemicals are easily splashed and can end up reacting with or neutralizing powdered chemicals. If possible, keep your chemical containers off the floor, but as close to ground level as possible. This will reduce the chances of seepage or spillage.

What Containers Should Be Used?

The best containers for swimming pool chemicals are the ones that they originally came in. These will have been manufactured to safely hold the chemicals and prevent any reactions from inadvertently taking place. Do not transfer chemicals to new containers as this can cause confusion and possible reactions. Just make sure you consistently close the containers properly so as not to allow unintended mixing.

What About Mixing and Measuring?

Each type of chemical should have its own dedicated measuring cups and mixing buckets. This will ensure you don’t end up with any surprise reactions. Wear appropriate safety gear, especially eye protection. Be careful working with chemicals on windy days and clean up any spills as soon as possible.

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