Can I Turn My Hot Tub Off When Not In Use?

Have you ever wondered if you are able to turn off your hot tub when it is not in use? Well, yes you can. However, there may be a number of variables that will influence whether or not you should actually turn off your hot tub or if you should keep it running. Keep reading below to find out which factors you should consider when making your decision about whether you should turn your hot tub off when you are not using it.

Energy Costs

People are often concerned about energy costs, which is usually the main reason why they consider turning off their hot tub. Today, quality hot tub models are very energy efficient and it may not make sense to turn your hot tub off when not in use as it can take more energy to heat a cold hot tub up to the temperature it is needed to be enjoyed. If you use your hot tub daily or even a few times a week, it will likely be more energy efficient and cheaper to keep your hot tub running. Many models are equipped with durable, insulated covers that trap and re-use heat from the motor.


A simple way to cut down on your utility bill is to lower the hot tub thermostat by a couple of degrees. You will barely notice the difference in the water’s temperature, but you certainly will on your next energy bill. Even small adjustments in temperature can make a major difference in energy consumption over the course of a month or year.

Off Peak Hours

In some cities, energy company charges different rates during peak or off peak hours. It may make good sense to use a timer to the hot tub down or off during peak hours and have it turned back on once the cheaper rates come into effect. You will probably want to speak to your energy company first to discuss the savings, as it still could cost more to reheat a cooler hot tub when you are ready to use it.

Covers And Thermal Blankets

In addition to a quality cover fitted specifically for your tub, adding thermal blankets to lay on top of the water’s surface can make your hot tub retain heat even better. This may keep in enough heat to turn off your hot tub for short periods of time. Say for example, you use your hot tub every 12 hours, sensible use of your hot tub cover with the thermal blanket may allow you to keep your hot tub turned off in between sessions. If you only use your hot tub once a day or less, the cost of reheating the water may exceed any benefit of turning off the hot tub.


The amount of insulation your hot tub has will play a role in how much heat it retains. This factor does not just include the hot tub insulation, but it’s surrounding environment. The insulation from walls, fences, trees or shrubs will also allow the water to retain heat better while the hot tub is turned off.

Cold Weather

If your area is prone to the temperature falling below freezing, you will want to keep your hot tub running to prevent the nightmare of frozen pipes and machinery. However, if your region has very mild winters, it is better to turn the thermostat down rather than turning off the tub altogether. This is unless you plan to shut down your hot tub for the entire winter season. If you’re planning on doing this, ensure it’s done properly to avoid any damage during cold weather.

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