What Does a Hot Tub Do for You

Can Hot Tubs Help You Lose Weight?

Our modern society is clearly obsessed with image. Although it may not be as extreme as it has been quite recently, slim, svelte and slender bodies are continually foisted upon us as the ideal body type. For this reason, whole industries have been created and shaped by the desire to lose weight. The hot tub industry has not gone unaffected. When the question, “Can hot tubs help you lose weight?” has been posed there are those in the industry who claim that hot tubs are indeed yet another miracle cure. We hope this article will help clear up any misconceptions.

How Is Weight Lost?

The simple formula that controls how body weight is actually reduced comes down to consuming less calories than one expends. This creates a calorie deficit which results in losing weight. Unfortunately soaking in a hot tub does not directly create much of a calorie deficit. You don’t expend many more calories by sitting in warm water than you do by sitting on the beach. But what a hot tub can do is help with creating circumstances that are conducive to a calorie deficit.

Reducing Stress

Stress has become such a normal part of our modern society that it’s been thought to be related to the reason why so many people are overweight these days. It’s been found that the stress hormone, cortisol, can increase cravings for calorie-heavy foods, reduce the growth of muscle tissues and promote the deposit of fat around the midsection.

For those suffering from stress, a hot tub may alleviate some of the symptoms. Soaking in warm, massaging water can bring relief to both the mind and the body. This can bring down the levels of stress hormones in the bloodstream and allow body processes to return to normal.

Promoting Sleep

People suffering from insomnia and other sleep-related conditions have been found to take on more calories compared to those who get a regular night’s sleep. The hormones affected by the lack of proper sleep have been found to alter the body’s ability to burn calories while affecting the suppression of appetite and the feelings of satiation after eating. Sleep problems have also been cited as a cause for lowered rates of sugar processing at the cellular level.

Soaking in hot water has been found to promote the ability to sleep. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the hot water itself that brings on feelings of tiredness, but it’s the cooling-off process of the body after leaving the hot water that signals to the brain that it’s time to go to sleep. For those who suffer from sleep problems, a little hot water hydrotherapy may be the answer.

Recovery from Injuries

Those who are injured are less likely to be mobile, never mind exercise or be active. And without a corresponding reduction in calorie intake, reduced mobility will result in a calorie abundance. It’s hard to worry about the number of calories you’re consuming when you’re in pain.

Hot tubs can play a role in reducing pain and increasing the rate of recovery from injuries. This occurs because of dilation of the blood vessels and capillaries which allows blood circulation to increase around the area of injury. This increased blood flow means a faster rate of healing and the ability to get back to normal activity levels sooner.

If you’re looking for more information on how a hot tub can help with the conditions that are associated with calorie burning, download a free copy of the hot tub buyer’s guide today.

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