Can Hot Tubs Be Cold in Summer?

The fact that hot tubs can be used in virtually any type of weather makes them appealing to people in a wide variety of locations. For those who suffer from cold winters, a hot tub can provide a welcome respite from bone-chilling temperatures. But what about those who experience incredibly hot summers? The last thing you want to do when the thermometer tops 100 degrees is getting into a hot tub that’s even warmer. Is there any way you can use a hot tub to cool off during a hot stretch? Can hot tubs be cold in summer? In this article, we’ll show some ways that you can use your hot tub even if the summer weather is making it seem unlikely.

Early and Late Bathing

If you can reschedule your hot tub use to the parts of the day that aren’t so hot, you’ll still be able to use your hot tub at full temperature without feeling uncomfortable. Just before sunrise is one of the coolest parts of the day and actually creates an incredible atmosphere for a warm soak. Alternatively, you might want to consider soaking just before bedtime. Temperatures should have dropped significantly enough to allow for comfortable bathing. You also have the bonus of priming your body to fall asleep quickly and have a decent night’s rest.

Turn Down Your Water Heater

It doesn’t take a very big reduction in water temperature to allow it to feel cool – even on the hottest of days. By turning down your water heater to 85 degrees or lower you’ll find a dip in the hot tub is actually quite refreshing during a hot spell. You don’t have to completely turn your heater off to allow your water to give off some cooling effects. And some models recommend that you never actually do that anyway.

Allow Air Circulation Under Your Hot Tub Cover

Hot tub covers are designed not only to keep out dirt and debris, but they’re also made to keep the heat in. However, when the air temperature gets too high you don’t want your hot tub cover to be trapping the heat as efficiently as it does. By allowing some air circulation under the hot tub cover you can naturally cool down the water and keep it at a comfortable temperature. You can easily achieve this by propping the cover-up on some bricks or even some pool noodles when the tank isn’t in use.

The Ice Solution

For a quick cool down of your hot tub water, prepare by filling some large milk jugs with water and freezing them. Toss these into the hot tub when you’re ready to use it and you’ll find the water will quickly drop by a few degrees. This is preferable to adding ice cubes or blocks directly to the water as the additional liquid could alter your water chemistry.

The Shade Solution

If your hot tub is completely exposed to the sun throughout the day it will be hard to regulate the water temperature. Try and create some shade by using a large umbrella, a canopy or some sort of gazebo. It doesn’t need to be a permanent structure but giving your hot tub some shade will make it easier to keep things on the cool side.

The Latest Technological Solution

Because people who have hot tubs and live in warm climates have been dealing with the problem of high temperatures for decades, technologies have finally been offered that allow for quick cooling of hot tub water. In the matter of a few minutes, the water in your hot tub can be lowered by 40 degrees or more. Suddenly your overly warm hot tub has been transformed into a cooling plunge pool.

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