Can You Hot Tub in the Rain?

When people install a hot tub in their home, they usually imagine using it on a clear sunny day or a starry night, not in the pouring rain. While rain isn’t the ideal weather for a hot tub soak, you can still use your hot tub in the rain. In fact, you might find it even more relaxing during a gentle rain.

Keep reading to find out how to enjoy your hot tub on a rainy day.

Plan for Rain

If you see rain in the forecast, call up your friends and tell them you’re soaking in the rain. It might take some convincing, but tell them it’s worth it. The contrast of having the cool rain on your shoulders and soaking the rest of your body in the warm water is entirely relaxing.

You can make walking out to the hot tub more enjoyable by placing towels and bathrobes by the door. Bonus points if you put them in the dryer right before your guests arrive. If it’s chilly, you can even make cups of tea or coffee to help everyone stay warm.

Soak It In

If you’ve ever been swimming in the rain, you likely already know how enjoyable the sensation of being immersed in water and feeling droplets fall on you is. If the rain is particularly heavy, bathers might want a hat to keep their hair from getting soaked.

Make It Better

You can make your rainy soak even better by adding a few luxurious elements to your hot tub area. Use relaxing or invigorating fragrances in the water and add relaxing lighting around your hot tub. Some of the most popular scents include:

● Lavender for relaxation
● Rosemary for brain stimulation
● Sage for mood enhancement
● Lemon for rejuvenation
● Cinnamon for reducing fatigue
● Sweet orange for destressing

You can add LED lights around your hot tub to make it visually appealing and fit the mood. You can use lighting for relaxation or partying.

Next time it rains, give soaking in the hot tub a try. Convince some friends to try it out with you. They’ll be itching for it to rain some more so they can come over! To learn more about purchasing a hot tub and their wellness benefits, download a hot tub buyer’s guide.

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