Can Hot Tub Chemicals Be Stored Outside?

Can Hot Tub Chemicals Be Stored Outside?

Proper maintenance and a number of chemicals promise your hot tub will always be ready to deliver you a satisfying and relaxing soak. This is a crucial part of caring for your hot tub, but how you store supplies is also very important. If chemicals are not stored properly you risk reducing their potency or making them useless.

If you have a hot tub outside, you may have thought, ‘Can I store my hot tub chemicals outside?’ Chemical storage actually involves many important factors, not just temperature. In the following article, we talk about what you need to do to safely store chemicals and promise the best hot tub experience.

Safe Storage

If hot tub chemicals are ingested, they can become very dangerous. It is absolutely essential they are stored in a location pets and children cannot access. Place them in a lockable container if a storage room or closet is not an option.

What Chemicals and Supplies Are Needed?

Some may be surprised by how many chemicals are necessary in order to maintain your hot tub. Although with self-cleaning hot tubs, owners need to spend little time on maintenance. Their water mainly needs to be just tested and treated regularly. A must-have list of chemicals typically includes filter cleaner, water test kits, thermometer, bromine tablets, spa shock, demineralized, and pH balance.

Avoid Heat and Moisture

Like most chemicals, hot tub chemicals can be sensitive. Meaning they are likely to react to moisture and heat. They should be stored away from both and be kept in a dry location that is out of sunlight. Sunlight is notorious for making chemicals less effective. If left out in the sun for too long, they can quickly become useless. One way to help is by keeping them in a waterproof container.

It is also important to keep your chemicals in a room temperature spot. The ideal temperature is anywhere between 55 to 70 degrees fahrenheit. This does depend upon where you lie, but it may require you to bring them inside during the summer or winter months.

Recommended Storage Ideas

Here are a few recommended spots you can store your chemicals in a secure and safe space.

Closet – Store your chemicals in a lockable storage container. Place that container in a mudroom or walk-in closet, preferably on a shelf. This is preferred simply because children and pets will have a more difficult time reaching them.

Locked Cabinet – A great option is a locked cabinet within your home. This can be a secure spot while offering climate control. To make things easier, place the cabinet near a door so there is easy access from the chemicals to the hot tub.

Hanging Rack – If you are struggling to find space, consider a hanging shoe rack. This can be placed over a door in your garage or wall in your shed.

If the storage of your chemicals is a concern, it is best to keep them indoors. Unless you have an insulated pool shed or garage space. If you make the decision to take care of your supplies and chemicals you will actually save money by reducing spoilage.

If you want to learn more about hot tub maintenance, consider downloading this hot tub buyer’s guide.

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