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Can Hot Tub Be Used as Pool in Summer?

Summer can mean many different things depending on where you live. For some, it can be a welcome thaw from the deep freeze of winter. For those who live farther south the difference in seasons may not be quite as noticeable. When it comes to hot tub use, those who live in the northern states may find year-round use completely comfortable. For those who experience hotter weather, spending time in a hot tub during the summer may seem like a kind of torture. So, is it possible to use your hot tub year-round? Absolutely! Can hot tub be used as pool in summer? In this article, we’ll give you some ideas on how to make summer hot-tubbing not only possible but enjoyable.

Synchronized Soaking

If you can synchronize your hot tub sessions with the natural rhythms of the sun, you’ll find yourself using your hot tub much more during the summer, no matter where you live. The reason has it that the air temperatures will begin to decline as the sun sets and will be at their lowest just before the sun rises. By timing your soaks for the evening, night and as the sun comes back up again, you’ll find you’re able to continue using your hot tub throughout the summer. Synching your soaks to the sun’s cycles will allow you to increase your summer hot tub use.

I Love Rainy Night

The 70s rock star named Eddie Rabbit sang earnestly about loving a rainy night. And if you have a hot tub it makes loving a rainy night all the easier. In fact, summer rain showers, whether they occur during the night or day can be an ideal time to get some use out of your hot tub. If you’re not hearing thunder or seeing lightning, it’s completely safe to use your hot tub in the rain. And it can be quite enjoyable as well. Once you start getting too warm there’s nothing like letting a fresh rain cool you off again. If you’re a hot tub owner you shouldn’t look at rain as a bad thing, you should see it as an opportunity.

Sunshine Shelter

One of the main reasons that sitting in a hot tub during the summer can become uncomfortable is that the heat of the sun beating down on your head while the rest of your body soaks in 100-degree water quickly causes you to overheat. If you can protect your head, neck and shoulders from the direct rays of the sun, you’ll find you’re able to spend more time soaking. To enable this, create a shelter to protect you from direct sunlight. This could be a canopy, gazebo, tent or simply a large umbrella. You’ll be surprised how effective this can be.

A Makeshift Kiddie Pool

Keeping the kids entertained all summer is a tough job. It becomes even harder as the temperatures remain high for weeks on end. Keeping the kids cool in situations like this is half the battle. Giving them a new plaything is the other half. Turn off the heater and water jets of your hot tub, throw in a few bags of ice cubes and let the kids do what comes naturally. You’ll find their relief from high temperatures and boredom will make everyone’s life easier to enjoy. 

Air Conditioning for The Hot Tub

Because decreased summertime hot tub use is a real concern for those who live in areas with high year-round temperatures, some smart people have come up with a type of air conditioning for hot tubs. These systems allow the water temperature to be lowered or raised to match the outdoor conditions. If it gets too hot outside, bringing the hot tub water temperature below that of the air temperature will make your hot tub feel downright refreshing. With the ability to bring the water down to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, even the longest heatwave can be broken by a soak in the hot tub. 

To learn more about how you can use your hot tub all year round, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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