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Can an Indoor Hot Tub be Used Outside?

Buying a new hot tub can be an exciting time!  However, you can also find yourself with many more questions than you have answers.  Deciding between hot tub models, sizes or indoor versus outdoor versions can make it a daunting process.  But as you start to narrow down your personal preferences hopefully the right model will start to become apparent.  One question we’ve been asked is, “Can an indoor hot tub be used outside?”  Some people are quite surprised by the answer that there are models of hot tubs that can be installed either indoors or outdoors.  But regardless of the location you’ve decided upon you should ensure the model you’ve chosen is suitable for the situation.  To help you along on your hot tub buying journey, we’ve created an article about the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor hot tubs.

Pros of Indoor Hot Tubs

Protection from Weather

Regardless of what people say about using their hot tub in the snow or rain, sometimes the weather is just too terrible to tolerate going outside.  And if you’re experiencing lightning storms, common sense says that you should not be sitting outside in a tub of water.  An indoor hot tub will allow you to use it whenever you want, no matter what the weather is like outside.


It can be very disconcerting to have neighbors and passersby staring at you while wearing a bathing suit.  But with an indoor hot tub you’ll never have to worry about neighborhood kids sneaking into your hot tub or what the neighbors think.  Safely ensconced in your own home, your hot tub will be your own private getaway.

Cons of Indoor Hot Tubs


Installing a hot tub in an existing house is no small task.  First of all, you’ll need to make sure you have the ability to get the unit in the door.  Having adequate space for a full-sized hot tub isn’t a reality for a lot of people either. 

Potential Damage to The House

Hot tubs will increase the humidity and moisture inside your house, and you need to take precautions to prevent these conditions from causing damage.  Vapor barriers will need to be installed, ventilation will need to be increased and special flooring will likely need to be laid to keep your house safe.

Pros of Outdoor Hot Tubs

The Outdoor Environment

For outdoor hot tub aficionados, spending time soaking in the hot tub under an open sky is nothing but sublime.  You’ll likely have heard tales of how hot tubbing during snow or rainfalls brings it to a whole new level.  If you already have a love of the outdoors, a hot tub will give you another way to experience it.


Although installation of outdoor hot tubs provides its own set of challenges, it’s usually much easier to install an outdoor hot tub than an indoor hot tub.  You won’t have to worry about factors such as humidity and moisture to the extent that you do with indoor installation.  Careful planning is still necessary, but there are fewer factors to worry about.

Cons of Outdoor Hot Tubs

Water Care

The outdoor atmosphere creates distinct challenges for keeping your water chemistry balanced.  Exposure to dust, pollen, insects and other debris can alter the water chemistry much more quickly than in a controlled environment.  You’ll likely find yourself using more chemicals and testing your water much more often than your neighbor who has an indoor hot tub.

Poor Weather

Regardless of whether you like to use your hot tub during rain or snowstorms, there are some weather conditions that will prevent you from using your hot tub at all.  Lightning storms and hot tubs don’t mix.  And sometimes you just won’t want to go outside in your bathing suit when the weather is bad.

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