Can You Use a Swim Spa in the Winter?

Can a Swim Spa Be Used in the Winter?

Not everybody in the country is blessed with a climate that rarely, if ever, goes below freezing. Those who live in areas that are hit with annual cold weather may find a lot of their warm weather activities are curtailed during the winter. For this reason, you’ll find a lot fewer outdoor swimming pools in the north compared to the south. But what about swim spas? Can you use a swim spa in the winter? The fact is, that because of the smaller volume of water in a swim spa compared to a full sized swimming pool, it’s possible to keep the water from freezing even in the depths of winter. If you live in a northern clime, but have a zeal for outdoor swimming, a swim spa may be the ideal choice for you.

The Most Versatile Aquatic Tank

Swim spas are actually more versatile than their cousins, the full sized swimming and the hot tub. As we’ve established, as opposed to full sized swimming pools, the swim spa can be used throughout the cold weather seasons. On the other hand, while you’ll have a difficult time practicing your swimming stroke in a hot tub, you can enjoy hot tub water temperatures of up to 104 degrees fahrenheit in your swim spa. A swim spa will give you access to the best of both worlds.

Accessorizing Your Swim Spa

Swim spas have several accessory options that make them even more than a simple combination of a swimming pool and hot tub. Rowing simulators allow you to work out your entire body while feeling like you’re out on the open water. Add a tow rope to the end of the swim spa and jump on your boogie board for some wave riding action. Swim spas afford a wide range of activities that go far beyond simply swimming in place.

The Vital Piece of Winter Equipment

If you’re planning on using your swim spa through the cold winter months, it’s absolutely necessary to invest in a well-insulated swim spa cover. The cover will keep the heat in the water and prevent it from freezing up when the swim spa isn’t being used. It will also reduce the burden on your water heater while lowering your water heating costs. The cover will also get used in the warmer seasons as it’s used to reduce the amount of airborne contaminants that get in the water, curtail water evaporation rates and prevent unwanted bathers or pets from getting in when you’re not around. 

Types of Swim Spa Covers

The two main types of covers readily available on the swim spa market are roll top and solid. Roll top covers are fully insulated and made of a flexible material that allows them to be rolled up onto a cover shelf at the end of the unit. They’re typically light enough to allow one person to remove the cover.

Solid swim spa covers are made of high-density foam and shaped similar to hot tub covers.  However, this makes them much more bulky and more difficult to remove and replace than the roll top covers. To get around this problem there are several different types of mechanized cover lifters which make the job as easy as pressing a button.

To learn more about swim spa covers and using your swim spa in the winter, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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