Can a Spa Be Used as a Pool?

Having a traditional backyard in-ground pool is not possible for many homeowners, whether it be a lack of space requirements or the significant expense. Installing an in-ground pool requires a big backyard, excavation, and a lot of on-going maintenance.

Thankfully, there is a year-round alternative that many homeowners are turning to instead. Swim spas are like a small pool, hot tub, and an aquatic center in one. Unlike an in-ground pool, these small exercise pools can be installed in just one day and be used throughout the entire year. To learn more about how a swim spa can be used as a pool, keep reading below.


A swim spa was designed for swimming and can be more efficient than swimming laps in a pool. A motorized current keeps swimmers in place so that they never hit the wall and have to turn around, similar to how a treadmill works for runners. Whether you are seeking a challenging swim workout or just to leisurely splash about, a swim spa can be used just like a pool for swimming.


When you think of backyard pools, floating around and relaxing often comes to mind. A swim spa can be used in the same way. Grab your favorite inflatable raft and beverage and float away all afternoon. A major advantage that most swim spas have over in-ground pools in the relaxation department is that they typically contain several hydrotherapy seats. This means you can relax and enjoy a massage in warm, bubbly water in your swim spa.


If you enjoy water aerobics in a traditional pool, you can still use a swim spa the same way. There are a number of exercises that can be performed in a swim spa to get a challenging aerobic workout. There are plenty of waterproof fitness accessories that can be used such as dumbbells or resistance bands to add difficulty to your workout.

Swim Spa Advantages

There are also a number of advantages that swim spas have over pools. There are different accessories that can be used like an exercise bar that can tether a small kayak to simulate rowing in the swim current. Swim spas are spacious enough for the whole family to enjoy and can be used year-round, whereas most people need to close their pool in the winter months.

Now that you know that a swim spa can be used as a pool, learn more about the advantages of owning a swim spa by downloading our free buyer’s guide.

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