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Should I Buy a Swim Spa for my Home?

If you’re considering buying a swim spa for your home but aren’t sure whether to take the leap, there are many considerations you can make to help you make the right decision.

Below you’ll find out what to think about so you find the perfect swim spa for your needs.

Water Circulation

A high rate of water circulation and even distribution are essential in a swim spa. You should also choose a swim spa that will allow you to adjust the speed of flow and current

There is a wide range of current speeds available, from 2.5 to 8 mph. The faster the current, the greater the challenge, so if you are an experienced swimmer, are training for a race, or want to improve your endurance you should choose a model with a faster current.

It’s also a good idea to examine the swim spa’s circulation system. Paddlewheel systems utilize a wheel at the back of the swim spa to draw water into a wide, deep current. These systems can circulate approximately 80% of the water. If you plan to swim with someone else, a propeller-powered swim spa with two propellers can be a good idea as this allows each swimmer to work out at a speed of their choice. In this type of system, a propeller at the front of the unit pushes the current toward the back, allowing the water to remain calm at the edges.
Be on the lookout for jet propulsion swim pumps. While this type of system allows you to adjust the speed and current direction, it is the weakest in terms of wide and even water distribution. Remember that you can always ask the dealer to test a swim spa. This will be immensely helpful to you in choosing the right fit.

Swim Spa Activities

Exercise, relaxation, and rehabilitation are common reasons why people invest in swim spas. Depending on your priorities, there are many different swim spas to choose from.

If your top goal is to improve your health and fitness, swim spas offer an exceptional cardiovascular workout that also builds muscle and improves strength. If you suffer from arthritis or simply need a form of exercise that is easy on your joints, a swim spa is a perfect option. Swimming is also a great choice of exercise for weight loss. In fact, you’ll burn 400 to 500 calories per hour.

If you want to be able to socialize and relax in your swim spa while other users exercise, look for a model that has separate areas for relaxation and swimming. These models often feature temperature control options that allow you to turn one portion of the swim spa into a hot tub while keeping the rest cool for exercise. If you have muscle pain or need to relax or improve your sleep, choosing a swim spa with a separate hot tub area is a must.

Installation Decisions

One of the best things about a swim spa is that you can install it anywhere where there is enough room for it. Whether you want an outdoor swim spa to splash in the sun or an indoor swim spa you can use in all types of weather, there are many installation options. Inground, partially inground, and above ground installations are all popular.

If you plan to move in the future and want to take your swim spa with you, an above ground installation is a good plan. Likewise, if you want to increase the value of your home, an inground installation can be worth it.
As far as installation location, you’ll want to choose a spot that can support a minimum weight of 200 pounds per square foot. A qualified electrician can be of great help in helping you properly install your swim spa.


For the easiest maintenance option, choose a self-cleaning swim spa. Although you’ll have to add chemicals, the swim spa can vacuum, skim, and filter the water for you so you don’t have to.

Other Costs
Swim spas usually cost between $10,000 and $35,000. The price range is wide because swim spas vary in size and features, so you’ll want to determine your priorities and compare them with your budget.

Some features, such as stereos, contoured seats, automatic controls, hydrotherapy jets, and fiber-optic lighting, will cause your cost to increase. Models that allow multiple temperatures to exist simultaneously will also raise the price of your swim spa.

Exercise equipment can also increase the cost. Aqua bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and resistance and weight training options will raise the price while enhancing your experience. If you’re training for a race or want to monitor your progress, heart monitors and underwater cameras that can assess and improve your stroke may also be important. Clearly communicating with your dealer about your needs and budget can help you choose the right swim spa.

Now that you know the factors to consider when deciding on a swim spa for your home, download our free swim spa buyer’s guide so you can see the full range of swim spas available.

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