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Are Swim Spas Made For Year-Round Use?

One of the most significant selling factors to choosing a swim spa instead of a swimming pool is the fact that you can use it at any point throughout the year. While a pool is an incredible addition to any home, it can only be used seasonally. On the other hand, a swim spa can be used right through the wintertime and provide you with continuous enjoyment and benefits year-round. But how can a swim spa be built for the winter? Are there certain features of some models that make them better equipped for the winter? Here’s what you need to know.

Key Features that Allow Swim Spas to be Used Year-Round

Do you live in a colder climate? Are you planning on using a swim spa at all points throughout the year? If you answered yes to those questions, then here’s what you need to know.

Since there are many different makes and models of swim spas on the market, there are features that some might offer that not all will. Some are made to withstand the winter’s cold temperatures, and others are better equipped for warmer weather. In fact, a swim spa that isn’t designed to withstand the cold temperatures of the winter can cost you upwards of 500 dollars a month to properly run. Since they must be insulated properly and designed to retain heat, it’s a good idea to see what materials are used to make them.

For instance, you can inquire about what level of insulation is in the cabinet. Hydropool swim spas feature technology that uses the heat generated from running parts of the swim spa and redistributes it to heat the water further. Instead of that heat going to waste, this effective design was put into place to allow their swim spas to continue running, even on the coldest days. Along with this comes their Hydrowise system that ensures the swim spa’s shell, floor and cabinet are all fully insulated. With this insulation put in place, other hot tub parts like the plumbing and pumps are protected from the cold. Therefore, when choosing a swim spa for your colder climate, it’s good to see what type of insulation is provided throughout the design and manufacturing processes.

The materials used to create a swim spa are also very important. For example, Hydropool swim spas are made of acrylic, which is durable, long-lasting and can withstand extremely cold temperatures. Although they are generally more expensive materials to use, they’re also more dependable all around. Knowing where your swim spa is manufactured also plays an important role in determining whether it’s right for winter temperatures and snowy conditions. For example, Hydropool is a Canadian-made company with products that are built for Canadian winters. Alternatively, if you’re looking at a manufacturer that is based out of California, for example, those products will likely be less equipped for the cold. It entirely depends on what type of climate you live in and why you’re buying a swim spa.

Swim Spas in the Winter

Another thing to ask yourself when choosing a swim spa for your home is what you’re looking to receive from it. Will you be using it to exercise in the winter? Are you a swimmer who’s looking to practice or train year-round? Whether you’re looking to add a swim spa to your home for exercise purposes, to enjoy it with your family or receive the endless health benefits that come with owning one, it’s a good idea to ensure you can use them throughout the winter.

When it comes down to it, living in colder climates makes it much more difficult to stay active in the winter. As winter comes around, if you aren’t someone who enjoys activities or sports like skiing, skating, snowboarding, etc., then it can be challenging to enjoy the outdoors. However, this is where a swim spa comes into play. Swim spas truly create the perfect environment for everyone to play or exercise from the comfort of their own home. On top of these options to stay active, you can also benefit from the massage jets of a swim spa. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your swim spa is equipped for the winter so you can continue receiving all of the benefits it has to offer every day of the year.

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