What Is a Hot Tub Swimming Pool?

Are Swim Spas Dangerous?

Have you ever wondered if swim spas are dangerous? Safety concerns are often considered by anyone whether they are buying a swim spa, hot tub or pool. While swim spas are safe, as with any type of standing body of water, there is always some type of risk or hazards involved.

The reality is that by following the recommended safety standards for spas and pools, you can have peace of mind that your family can safely enjoy your new investment. By knowing how to enhance the security of your swim spa, you can properly prepare for your swim spa’s arrival and installation. Keep reading below to learn how.


Even if your municipality does not require fencing around your swim spa, the best way to reduce unwanted access to your swim spa from kids and pets is by having a fence installed. To ensure safety, you will want one that has gates that will self-latch, so the door automatically closes and locks when released. Even if you don’t have kids or pets, having a fence around your swim spa adds an extra level of security as well as privacy.

Lockable Cover

Secure, lockable covers are a fantastic way to significantly boost your swim spas safety. Lockable covers create a solid barrier that will keep kids and pets out. But you do need to be diligent about always placing the cover on your spa and locking when not in use. Another benefit of using a lockable cover is that it will help keep your water clean from unwanted debris like leaves and dirt as well as retain heat, saving you money on your utility bill.


As an extra step to avoid mishaps, install an alarm or motion detection system which surrounds the area of your swim spa. Should any movement be detected in that area when your alarm is set, you will be notified by a loud noise.

Common Sense Rules

Before you start using your swim spa, make sure that everyone in your family is aware of the rules and how to be safe around and in the swim spa. Make sure that kids are always supervised by an adult and that the strength of the swim current is always tested first. To keep accidents and cuts at bay, enforce a no glass and clutter rule around your swim spa deck. To keep the area tidy, install a small cubby holder or table where drinks, towels, and accessories can be placed while people are using the swim spa.

Understand that swim spas themselves are not dangerous, but common-sense safety precautions are necessary. Follow these guidelines and your family can safely enjoy your new swim spa together.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a swim spa owner, download a swim spa buyer’s guide.

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