Are Pool Toys Safe?

Are Pools Toys Worth Money?

Very few people use their backyard swimming pool solely for swimming. In fact, most swimming pools act as a backdrop for relaxation and recreation. So if you’re not one of the few that is using your swimming pool for the sole purpose of improving your stroke, you might want to look into some of the accessories that increase the enjoyment of spending time in and around the pool. But some people ask, “Are pool toys worth money?” In order to answer that question, we’ve created a list of some of the most popular pool toys on the market. 

A New Take on The Beach Ball

Balls are often found in and around swimming pools. Water allows people to jump for and catch balls in a completely different way than you would on dry land. And although the beach ball is probably the most iconic inflatable pool toy, there’s a new breed on the market that doesn’t actually float on the water surface. Instead of filling them with air, you fill them with water. This causes the ball to float in the middle of the water column. Mix up your ball related activity in the pool with a water inflated ball instead.

Poolside Climbing Wall

Poolside climbing walls are rather new developments that combine the cushioning effect of water with rock climbing. Set up along the edge of the pool, this portable wall allows people to test their rock-climbing skills without the need of a harness. If the climber falls off, they simply fall back into the swimming pool. They’re not cheap, but they’re a whole lot of fun.

Floating Seesaws

Although designed for kids, adults can have a lot of fun on these as well. As the name suggests, it’s an inflatable toy that has seats for two or more people. By rocking back and forth you simulate the playground seesaw, but with the added advantage of being in the water.

Floating Basketball Nets

There’s nothing like chest-deep water to increase the difficulty of a game of one on one. A floating basketball net can be used by a single person trying to perfect their shot or a group of people in competition. Get two and you can have a full-on basketball game.

Dog Floats

It shouldn’t just be people who get to float in the pool and relax. Dogs should be able to do it too! Introducing the dog float which is made from puncture proof materials that can withstand sharp dog claws. These floats typically allow water to flow through so your dog can cool off without having to do the doggy paddle.

Bull Riding Rings

The mechanical bull that was once a popular staple of country bars has now reached the swimming pool. It’s composed of an inflatable bull surrounded by an inflatable ring to keep it stable. Rather than using mechanics to buck off the bull rider, people around the outer edges of the ring tug and shake it to try and dismount the rider. And if you fall off, only your ego will be bruised.

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