Are Pool Toys Safe?

Are Pool Toys Safe?

Nobody loves a swimming pool more than small children. For whatever reason, kids are attracted to the water no matter how cold it is or how bad the weather may be. But with the sense of play that swimming pools provide, they can also pose a grave danger, especially to small children. Pool toys may be used by parents to give their kids a sense of confidence in the swimming pool, but it must be understood that they’re no substitute for certified life preservers.

Are pool toys safe? While pool toys may be used safely, in this article we’ll go over a list of reasons why they may pose a danger to small children.

They Instill A False Sense of Confidence

Pool toys such as water wings or air mattresses can allow a child to float around the pool even if they don’t know how to swim. This can create a false sense of confidence not only in the child but in the guardian as well. All it takes is for the child to slip away from the floatable or take off their water wings and they’re susceptible to drowning.

They Are Not Life Preservers

As mentioned in the introduction, pool toys are just that; toys. They are not meant to be used as a substitute for a life jacket or life preserver and aren’t certified as such. They should also not be used as a substitute for adult supervision or learning how to swim. Unlike life jackets, pool toys are often unbalanced and may cause the child to flip into the water face down.

Pool Toys Are Attractive to Children

Even if you’re not using the pool, pool toys left floating in the pool can attract children who aren’t being supervised. Keep your pool clean of toys when it’s not used so as to prevent the pool from looking even more attractive to children than it already is.

Too Many Toys Impeded Proper Supervision

If your pool is full of toys and kids an accident can happen without the pool supervisor even noticing. Large toys can block sightlines and prevent a guardian from noticing that a child is in trouble. When using pool toys, make sure that the entire area is still completely in sight.

Some Are Made of Hazardous Chemicals

Many floating pool toys are made of polyvinyl chloride which can release noxious odors. And while these smells might just be unpleasant to an adult, they could possibly harm a small child who would have no misgivings about putting something like that in their mouths. You should be aware of what your pool toys are made of and who is liable to end up using them the most.

Now that you know what to be aware of when selecting pool toys, learn more about above ground pools by downloading a brochure.

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