Are Hot Tubs Easy to Install?

If you have just decided to purchase a hot tub, you’re likely counting down the moments until you can jump in and enjoy. At some point, you’ll probably wonder if hot tubs are easy to install and how you’ll need to prepare the site. Thankfully, hot tub installation is relatively hassle-free but there are a few important things you should know.

Pay Attention to Measurements

It is vital that you understand the exact dimensions of your hot tub and triple-check that it will fit in the spot intended for it. In addition to that, you need to plan the delivery path of the hot tub getting from the curb to its location. Any paths or walkways along the side of your home need to be wide enough for the hot tub plus the spa dolly. Check for any obstructions like lamp posts or gates which may reduce the width of your delivery path and ensure that the hot tub will be able to move through.

If you are planning on installing your hot tub in your home, you may need to remove some doors. Be sure to check all angles the hot tub will need to travel through your home to reach its destination. Staircases, railings, and narrow hallways may be problematic if you have not confirmed measurements. If you’d prefer an expert’s advice, we

Electrical Requirements

Some hot tubs are 110-volt plug-and-play models, but still require a special GFCI outlet. Other models are the standard 220-volt hot tubs, and these need to be hardwired by a certified and licensed electrician into a GFCI protected 220 volt – 50-amp dedicated circuit. We have a list of recommended contractors along with electricians with hot tub experience if you do not have one.

The Base

To properly install your hot tub, you will need a sturdy base that is perfectly level such as a concrete slab or on a reinforced deck. For decks and concrete patios, a structural engineer should be consulted to ensure that it can safely handle the weight load. Once filled with water and bathers, hot tubs weigh several thousand pounds.

Water Supply

You want to plan your hot tub to be installed near a water source or where a garden hose can reach. Your hot tub will need to be drained and cleaned every few months, so having an accessible water source and an area for drainage is important.

Installation Questions

The best way to ensure a smooth and easy hot tub installation is to communicate with your hot tub dealer. Have your home measurements on hand and understand where your water sources are before deciding on a hot tub model and delivery date. After all, when that truck arrives with your new hot tub, you want it up and running as soon as possible to enjoy it.

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