Are Hot Tub Prices Negotiable?

If you have decided to buy a hot tub you are probably wondering how to get the best deal and if hot tub prices are negotiable. Well, it isn’t exactly the cutthroat bartering process that buying a new car can be, but there is some possibility that you may be able to get a small discount or negotiate an add-on or upgrade if you are working with a reputable dealer. But beware; if you find yourself speaking to a sales rep that is suddenly shaving thousands of dollars off the price tag, ‘just for you’ it is probably a big red flag that the hot tubs they are selling are poor quality.

When it comes to buying a hot tub, knowledge is power. By knowing exactly what to look out for and how to find the best model for your price range, you will end up making the right buying decision. Keep reading below on some tips that can help you get a better deal on your new hot tub.

Maximizing Your Budget

Hot tubs are considered big-ticket items and are definitely a significant investment into your home. In order to find the best one to suit the needs and lifestyle of your family, you need to do your homework before buying and set a budget. Failure to do so will almost always cost you more in the long run.

As far as what to spend on your hot tub, you need to take a close look at your finances to decide what your budget will be. Knowing what you can spend comfortably is the most important step before you walk into a store and start shopping. When you do get to the store, be wary of a sales rep trying to push you over your budget or that is heavily promoting add-on products or extras for your hot tub. Although add-ons and upgrades are enjoyable, your money is best spent on buying a quality, reliable model that has customizable jets and massage programs. Those waterproof speakers or cup holders can always come later.

Skip Going Out of Business Sales or Buying Online

While these prices can be attractive, there is usually a catch. If you buy from a discount online retailer or local store that is going out of business, a couple years down the road if there is an issue with your hot tub, who will support the warranty or service it? If the business no longer exists or an online store doesn’t have much presence in your country or region, you could be faced with a major hassle and additional expenses. By purchasing from a reputable local dealer that has been in business for a number of years and has a solid reputation, you will have peace of mind that your product is supported by professionals.

Avoid Low Cost

There have been some cheaply made hot tubs that haven’t even survived their first winter. Low-quality hot tubs have a reputation for pumps that freeze, pipes that burst and shells that crack from prolonged cold weather. Simply put, cheap hot tubs are just not built to last. For example, if you spent $5,000 on a poorly made hot tub that only lasted a couple of years, needed twice the amount of chemicals to clean and required a few costly repairs and compare this to a well made, self-cleaning model that has an average lifespan of 10-15 years with a robust warranty, over the long term, the more expensive hot tub has a lower cost of ownership in the end.

Finding a Deal

Once you have a few hot tub models in mind that you are interested in, ask your dealer if they can give you a better rate. There may be a bit of wiggle room or they may be able to include an additional feature or upgrade to seal the deal. If you still need a lower price in order to pull the trigger, ask them when they have an annual on semi-annual sale coming up. These are usually the best times to buy a hot tub at the lowest rate possible.

Now that you know what to expect hot tub price negotiations, download a buyer’s guide to learn more about the different options available.

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