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When its warm outside, nothing is more refreshing than diving into a pool. Above ground pools are an incredible way to share fun and quality time with your family and friends and entertain your kids all summer long. When you want maximum durability and superior value, an above ground pool is an ideal choice.

Clearwater Pools carries three models of above ground pools: Discovery, Serena, and Impress.

Discovery Above Ground Pool

The perfect combination of technological innovations, exceptional durability, and exquisite style.

Discovery Above Ground Pool

Serena Above Ground Pool

The high-end steel series brings together cutting-edge technology and superior design.

Serena Above Ground Pool

Impress Above Ground Pool

The high-quality, durable construction of the Impress steel series is built for longevity.

Impress Above Ground Pool

Benefits of Above Ground Swimming Pools


There are a number of advantages to owning an above ground pool and one of the major ones is the cost. Traditional, in-ground pools can cost thousands of dollars, making them too expensive for the average family or those that are not looking to make such a significant investment into their current home. Above ground pools are extremely cost-effective and provide the same benefits of being able to swim, workout, have fun and relax.


Above ground pools can be installed quickly and will be ready to enjoy in no time at all. This is a major benefit compared to in-ground pools as it can be a lengthy and expensive process to complete once the permits, contractors, and landscapers are factored in. Installation kits are available and you can be swimming in your pool the same day that it was delivered!


The size of backyards seems to be getting smaller and more people are living in compact spaces. If you always thought that you didn’t have space for a swimming pool, chances are you can still fit an above ground pool in your backyard. There are oval and circle shapes available in various sizes, plus there is no digging or construction involved which makes it easier to install in smaller spaces.


Another huge benefit is their mobility. They can easily be moved and even relocated if you sell your home and move. They can easily be disassembled, packed up and transported to a new location and resembled once it arrives. This factor often gives owners peace of mind when buying an above ground pool as they know that no matter where they will be living they will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.


Because no parts or components are hidden, everything is easily accessible. By following a simple monthly maintenance checklist, you can ensure that your above ground pool stays in optimal shape.


The majority of above ground pools are not subject to the same taxes that are placed on in-ground pools in most communities. As an example, an average in-ground pool can cause property taxes to increase upwards of close to a thousand dollars per year in some areas. The increase in property taxes can also be an issue when trying to sell your home. By choosing an above ground pool, you can save yourself the tax expense and just enjoy!

Keeping Clean

Above ground pools are naturally cleaner than in-ground swimming pools, simply because they are above ground. Dirt, bugs, debris or anything else that crawls or blows along the ground can easily end up in an in-ground pool. Above ground pools remain out of reach and since the water naturally remains cleaner, they also consume fewer water chemicals to keep sanitary and balanced.

No Heater

Most do not even require a heater to operate. The water can simply be heated from the sun and kept warm throughout the daytime and evening. Quality above ground pools are surrounded by thick insulation which helps trap the heat and keep the pool water at a warm, enjoyable temperature. Not having to run a water heater is another way to save on monthly expenses.

Monthly Maintenance Checklist

By following this basic monthly checklist, you can ensure that your swimming pool is working optimally and kept in fantastic condition.

  • Inspect the exterior of the pool for any signs of leaks or damage
  • Inspect the liner for any wear, tears or rips
  • Test the water calcium hardness and adjust if necessary
  • Test the water pH, alkalinity and chlorine levels and correct if necessary, There are water test strips available that can quickly determine your water chemical levels
  • Test the cyanuric acid and adjust if necessary
  • Inspect filter and motor o-rings
  • Inspect all seals and fittings

Our Models

We carry three models of superior, high-quality above ground pools. Stylish, built to last and with modern design, these models will not only look fantastic in your backyard but be a refreshing welcome on a hot summer day.


Turn your backyard into a staycation worthy oasis. The Discovery model is available in oval and round sizes, is incredibly durable, features the latest technological innovations, your Discovery pool will be enjoyed for years to come.


This high-end model is equipped with cutting edge technology and modern design to deliver a stylish look available in both round and oval options. Built with steel, the Serena will make memories in your backyard for a long time to come.


Made with high quality, durable steel construction, the Impress model is durable and has a modern sleek appearance. Designed for corrosion resistance and durability, the Impress is an investment that will leave a lasting impression.

If you want to make the most out of this summer and all summers to come, don’t wait any longer to get an above ground pool. Share the fun with your family and friends all season long! Ask us about which model is right for you as well as our financing options.

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Save up to 30% on Pools!
Offer Ends Aug 2