5 Swim Spa Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Buying a swim spa is a fantastic way to get a challenging workout as well as add enjoyment to your home. Owning a swim spa is fun and easier before with today’s self-cleaning models, however, there are some common buying mistakes that you should look to avoid. Sadly, these mistakes can be all too easy to make and end up costing you a lot of money in the long run or causing buyers remorse.

The good news is that these mistakes can be avoided. In this article, we will highlight everything that you need to know in order to make an informed buying decision and choose the perfect swim spa to enjoy.

Not Considering the Location

Sometimes a buyer will assume that their swim spa will fit into the space that they have in mind. Make sure to take detailed measurements if you are planning to install on your deck or patio and that there is still adequate space for people to move around easily. Another major consideration that sometimes people fail to realize is privacy. Having a swim spa in your backyard is great, but unless you have some privacy between you and your neighbors, you may feel uncomfortable.

Cheap Models, High Costs

More often than not, a low priced swim spa will cost you more money in the long run from maintenance and also the time you need to spend cleaning it. No one wants to spend more time cleaning their swim spa than actually using it. While it’s true that every swim spa has some degree of maintenance you will be responsible for, there are many quality models such as Hydropool that are self-cleaning and do most of the work automatically.

DIY Installation

Although we always want to save money whenever we can, a swim spa installation is not something you want to cut corners on. Swim spas combine electricity and plumbing which are two areas that should always be left to professionals. Ask your dealer about installation and what arrangements they can make and do not risk damaging your swim spa or accidentally hurting yourself by trying to do a home DIY installation.

Wrong Size

Often, showrooms have so many different swim spas available that it can be overwhelming. Don’t rush into making a purchase because of a sale price without knowing what size you need and what your home can accommodate. You will need to make sure that your swim spa will be large enough to comfortably hold the people that will be using it. Also, if you plan on frequently having guests over to your home to enjoy your swim spa, you may want to select a larger model so that it does not feel overcrowded or that people have to take turns using the swim spa.

Choosing the Wrong Dealer

Not all swim spa dealers are reputable or provide the same level of support. Be extremely cautious of ever purchasing a swim spa at an expo, where often dealers boast that they are selling their swim spas for the lowest price possible when the truth is that they are selling a lower quality product. Read business reviews and customer recommendations or complaints to find out how the dealer handles servicing their swim spas or warranty replacements. Nothing is worse than buying a swim spa that you are unable to get repaired because your dealer either went out of business or does not have a location in your region.

Swim spas are one of the most exciting and rewarding purchases that you can make and also provide so many wonderful relaxing and therapeutic benefits. To learn more about what our swim spas can offer and the variety of features and options available, download our buyer’s guide here.

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