5 Common Mistakes Swim Spa Owners Make

Owning a swim spa is a rewarding investment with many health and wellness benefits. However, there are certain maintenance tasks and precautions that owners need to be aware of so that they can keep their swim spa running optimally for many years to come. Here are 5 must-know tips that will increase the lifespan of your swim spa.

Swimming Caps

When having a swim spa gathering it is doubtful that most owners will ask their guests to wear swim caps, but especially for users with long hair, this is a good measure to take when using your spa alone on a daily basis. Hair does get sucked into the swim spa’s drain and can clog the filter. Over time, it creates additional strain on the pumps can cause them to have to be replaced earlier. By wearing a swimming cap as often as possible, owners can increase the lifespan of their swim spa.

Household Cleaners

The biggest mistake that swim spa owners can make is using household cleaners in their swim spa. Specialized cleaners for swim spas are more costly than standard household products, however, they are essential to ensure that your swim spa is not damaged. Regular household cleaners contain different chemicals, which may cause a reaction to the acrylic lining or other components of your swim spa.

Swim spa cleaning products contain chemicals that are specially formulated to be used in the water and safe for the unit.


Swim spa owners should always make sure that any user showers before entering the unit. Outside substances such as body oil, makeup, lotions or hair products can all contribute to building up residue and gunk that will clog filters and cause water issues. By just having a quick shower before entering the swim spa will remove the majority of these substances and ensure that your spa will stay cleaner and last longer.

Spa Cover

Often, if owners have their swim spa under a gazebo or umbrella, they will neglect to cover it when not in use. Dirt and debris can easily get into the water and settle into the spa, which can cause mechanical issues. Not to mention, dirt will make the water unhygienic and the spa walls unsightly.

Water Temperature & Sanitization

If a swim spa’s water temperature is left to cold, it can cause freezing if the temperature takes a sudden dip overnight which may damage internal parts. Alternately, water that is too hot can breed bacteria and create an unpleasant odor. In addition to the water temperature, it is important to regularly test the swim spa’s water.

pH level: If the pH level is too low, it can cause corrosion of the pipes, pumps, and filters. If the levels are too high, it can lower the effectiveness of the sanitizer being used in the unit and cause algae or bacteria to grow.

Sanitizer: Bromine and chlorine are the two most important sanitizers for swim spa water upkeep. After the swim spa has had a high number of bathers in it, additional sanitizer may be required, therefore, it is important to test the water levels frequently.

Now that you know the most common swim spa owner mistakes to avoid, you can begin to look at the many swim spa options available and their features. To get started, click here to download a swim spa buyer’s guide.

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