Is a Hot Tub Heavy?

4 Stunning Ways to Incorporate a Hot Tub into Your Backyard

If you are considering purchasing a hot tub, you’re probably dreaming about relaxing soaks, soothing sore muscles, and enjoying spending quality time with friends and family. Often, how the hot tub will fit in with the look and design of a backyard is an afterthought. As a stand-alone item with a fiberglass shell and attached plumbing, hot tubs are not the most aesthetically pleasing item. However, when design and landscaping are planned with your hot tub in mind, they can be used to transform your yard and even become the focal point. Below are four stunning ways that you can incorporate a hot tub into your backyard to get inspired!

Swim-Up Bar

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram, images of influencers lounging around a resort swim-up bar are bound to find you. But you don’t need to have a gorgeous Insta feed or travel to Cayman or Mexico to relax with a tropical drink poolside. In fact, you can build a swim-up pool bar for your outdoor hot tub. The height of a hot tub’s cabinet is perfect for building a bar ledge along an edge. Plus, in addition to bathers swimming up to the bar, you can place some bar stools on the land side for others to join for a beverage.

Wooden and Synthetic Deck

If just plunked into the middle of a yard, hot tubs can look naked and out-of-place. This is why many people choose to enclose a portion of their hot tub with a wooden or synthetic deck. Decks that are built halfway or up to the level of the hot tub give a stunning look and bathers don’t need to use steps or a ladder to access the tub. Plus, the deck can also serve as a spot for a towel station, lounge chairs, fire pit, or even an outdoor kitchen, becoming the most enjoyed space in your home. 


While sunshine is usually welcome, sometimes the blazing heat can be too much. On the flip side, rain could dampen your desire to soak in your hot tub. Having some type of shelter in place can make your hot tub more usable in hot or cold weather and improve the aesthetic of your yard. There are many options when it comes to pergolas, gazebos, and even windbreakers that can help provide some shelter and create a calming oasis look and feel.

Lounge Space

Because you should only soak in your hot tub for 20 minutes per session if above 98 degrees, you will likely be spending a lot of time around your hot tub as well. Putting some consideration into designing a lounge space that looks stunning and is comfortable to relax while giving your backyard a staycation worthy vibe. Choose furniture and decor that blends with the rest of your yard’s hard and soft scaping and add some contrast to create a unique atmosphere.

Now that you know some simple but stunning ways on how you can incorporate a hot tub into your backyard, download a hot tub buyer’s guide to learn more about the wellness benefits that you’ll enjoy.

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