• How To Make A Hot Tub Surround

    While a hot tub may be a refuge of relaxation and comfort, an unadorned hot tub cabinet is unlikely to evoke emotions of desire. The sad truth is that the average hot tub is far from a thing of beauty. A large square box plopped down in the middle of your backyard isn’t going to […]

  • How To Run A Hot Tub Economically

    Although most everybody loves the idea of spending time in a hot tub, some people are scared of owning one because they believe the cost of running it would be too expensive. However, following some simple, basic rules can vastly reduce the costs associated with operating a hot tub. To learn how to run a […]

  • What Is The Best Hot Tub For Cold Climates

    If you live in a part of the country that experiences cold winters, your hot tub must be built for the climate. When it comes to performing in cold weather, not all hot tubs are built the same. So, what is the best hot tub for cold climates? Check out this post to learn about […]

  • How to Landscape Around A Swim Spa

    Although highly prized for its diminished size, a swim spa can still create a very imposing appearance in a backyard. To reduce its domination of the area, it’s possible to employ some landscape design tricks to help make it appear more integrated. To find out how to landscape around a swim spa, check out this […]

  • How Often Should I Change Water in Swim Spa?

    Swim spas have become more popular as urban density has increased and property values have risen. Swim spas provide a convenient alternative to full-sized swimming pools because of their size and price. They also provide flexibility that the larger pools don’t have. You can’t run a full-sized swimming pool in freezing weather. Even when it […]

  • How to Choose Between Hot Tub and Swim Spa

    The Coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately made using public gyms and community centers a questionable activity. What were once places of health and fitness now appear to pose a threat to the health of their users. This has made home fitness and recreation a much more popular option. Hot tubs and swim spas have been in […]