• How a Swim Spa Helps Ease Aches and Pains

    Swim spas are popular for those who have limited space to be able to swim at home. Much smaller than a full sized swimming pool, swim spas provide a home swimming experience in a fraction of the space. Their compact size also increases their versatility because of the smaller tank, it’s possible to heat the […]

  • How to Install a Swim Spa Inground

    For the enthusiastic swimmer, a swim spa can be a great alternative to a full sized swimming pool. Not only will it take up much less room, but it can be used all year round, including in the coldest of climates, but some people aren’t so keen on the size of a swim spa cabinet. […]

  • What Age Can a Child Get in a Hot Tub?

    Hot tubs are well known for bringing people together. Couples, friends, families and even strangers can all benefit from the social aspects of spending time in and around a hot tub. You may also wonder, “What about young children?”, “How appropriate are hot tubs for them?” or “At what age can a child get in […]

  • Why are Hot Tubs So Expensive?

    It wasn’t that long ago that hot tubs were considered the domain of rich people. There is definitely a sense of opulence and luxury associated with hot tubs. So why are hot tubs so expensive? Well, the fact is that although you can spend incredible amounts of money on a hot tub, in today’s market […]

  • How to Install a Hot Tub

    Once you’ve decided to buy your first hot tub, you could be forgiven for concentrating more on the time spent relaxing in the heated water and not really thinking about the details of actually having it installed. One sounds like pure pleasure whereas the other sounds like actual work! You’ll be happy to know that […]

  • How Heavy is a Hot Tub?

    First time hot tub buyers often have many questions and rightly so! A hot tub is a major purchase, not only in price, but also size. Installing something as big as a hot tub, knowing that it will be properly supported is extremely important. Simply plopping a hot tub down on your lawn can lead […]