• Can Hot Tubs Make You Gain Weight

    As general health becomes more of a concern in a society overflowing with abundance, attention is often directed towards personal body weight. It’s likely true that now, more than any other time in history, obesity is increasingly common. This has brought on an entire industry dedicated to helping people identify the mechanisms that cause weight […]

  • Can We Use a Swim Spa In The Winter?

    If you live in a part of the country that deals with cold winters, you’ll likely be limited when it comes to outdoor swimming. A full-sized swimming pool will need to be closed down for the colder months. This leaves you at the mercy of gyms, community centers, and other indoor pool operations. No longer […]

  • Do Swim Spas Have Covers?

    When it comes to swim spa accessories, you’ll find you have an abundance of choices. There are the functional accessories such as skimmer nets and vacuum systems and then there are the exercise add ons such as the underwater treadmill or the rowing kit. You might even splash out for a Bluetooth stereo or a […]

  • Can I Put a Hot Tub in the Garage?

    If you are in the process of purchasing a hot tub, you’re probably starting to daydream about where the best place you can put it. If you have a very small outdoor living space, or lack privacy outdoors, you may not be thrilled at the idea of having an outdoor hot tub. If you don’t […]

  • Can Hot Tubs Make You Tired?

    If you have difficulty falling asleep at night and have been searching for natural remedies, you may have found that hot tubs can help regulate sleeping patterns and lead to a deeper, more uninterrupted sleep. Sound too good to be true? Can hot tubs make you tired and actually help you fall asleep? There have […]

  • Can a Hot Tub Help Back Pain

    Hot tubs have become very popular in North American culture over the past 50 years, however, hydrotherapy has been utilized by humans in many cultures across the globe for thousands of years. There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all used water treatments to soothe a variety of medical problems and body […]

  • Does a Swim Spa Add Value to Home?

    If you love swimming but do not have enough outdoor space for a full-size swimming pool, a swim spa is a great alternative. A swim spa allows you to swim and practice your strokes in a smaller place while remaining in place from the force of a swim current, similar to how a treadmill works […]

  • How Big is a Swim Spa?

    If your backyard is small and cannot fit a traditional in-ground pool or even lap pool, there is still a fantastic option available for avid swimmers. A swim spa is compact and allows you to get a challenging swim workout by using a powerful current that keeps swimmers stationary while they swim, similar to how […]