• Are Pool Water Test Strips Accurate?

    When it comes to keeping your swimming pool water fresh and clean, regular water testing, along with a good cleaning regimen are of utmost importance.  There are many different ways of testing your water chemistry, but test strips are probably the most popular.  Cheap, quick and efficient, these tiny pieces of paper are familiar to […]

  • What Are Inflatable Pool Toys Made Of?

    What kind of backyard swimming pool is complete without a range of inflatable pool toys?  From the functional, such as life preservers, water wings and kickboards to the ostentatious such as floating unicorns, swans and flamingos, inflatable pool toys are strongly associated with fun, sun and relaxation around the pool.  But what are inflatable pool […]

  • Learn How Much Pool Water is Needed for Testing

    Swimming pools are definitely about fun and relaxation, but they also require responsibility.  One of your biggest responsibilities when it comes to swimming pool maintenance is keeping the water chemistry balanced.  No one wants to swim in a pool full of so many chemicals that it’s harmful to your eyes and skin.  Conversely, no one […]

  • Can an Indoor Hot Tub be Used Outside?

    Buying a new hot tub can be an exciting time!  However, you can also find yourself with many more questions than you have answers.  Deciding between hot tub models, sizes or indoor versus outdoor versions can make it a daunting process.  But as you start to narrow down your personal preferences hopefully the right model […]

  • Where Can I Get a Hot Tub for My Garden?

    Deciding to buy a hot tub is a major deal!  You’re probably looking at spending several thousand dollars, making major renovations to your property all while envisioning a future that includes warm water, bubbles and a relaxing environment.  There aren’t that many things that can change your lifestyle so radically.  So, if you’re asking yourself […]

  • What’s the Best Hot tub for the Money?

    Buying a hot tub can be considered a major life purchase.  And similar to cars, recreational vehicles, appliances and other high-priced items, getting the best value for your money is an important consideration.  And a hot tub should be no different.  If you’re looking for a hot tub that will be part of your household […]

  • Can a Hot Tub Raise Your Blood Pressure?

    Hot tubs can be many different things to many different people.  Some people use hot tubs as a place for socialization.  Inviting over a group of family and friends to spend time in the hot tub can be a great way to have some fun while catching up and fraternizing.  Other people prefer to use […]

  • Is Pool Exercise Good for Arthritis?

    It’s estimated that one in four Americans suffer from arthritis. That’s more than 54 million people. More than half of all working age Americans have been reported to exhibit symptoms of arthritis. The direct medical costs total more than $140 billion dollars per year. That doesn’t include the effect on productivity and the gross domestic […]

  • Can Hot Tub Be Used as Pool in Summer?

    Summer can mean many different things depending on where you live. For some, it can be a welcome thaw from the deep freeze of winter. For those who live farther south the difference in seasons may not be quite as noticeable. When it comes to hot tub use, those who live in the northern states […]