• What Is the Best Swim Spa on The Market?

    If you’ve already decided that a swim spa is the right choice for you, you’re probably most interested in the flexibility that it offers. You’re able to get in the workout that swimming pool enthusiasts attest to while also being able to soak in the warm, bubbly waters that hot tub aficionados advocate. But when […]

  • What Is Hot Tub Shock?

    For those in the market for their first hot tub they may have come across a term that instills fear and warns of danger. What is hot tub shock anyway? You’ll be happy to know that it’s neither dangerous nor anything to be afraid of. Hot tub shock is basically a regular maintenance procedure used […]

  • What Are Hot Tubs Used For?

    Most people know what a hot tub is, but beyond being a place to soak in warm, bubbling water, far fewer know exactly what hot tubs can be used for. The fact is, there are many different uses for a hot tub, and they don’t just pertain to high end hotels, ski hills and hot […]

  • Can You Put a Swim Spa in a Basement?

    Quite often we’ll get a question asking, “Can you put a swim spa in a basement?” The simple answer is, “Yes.” Installing a swim spa in your basement can be a good alternative for those who live in extreme climates. Those who live in severely hot or cold climates may not want to be outside […]

  • Are Above Ground Pools Hard to Install?

    Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a pool, you may find yourself asking, “Are above ground pools hard to install?” The fact is, with the proper tools, some handyman skills and some motivation, it can be possible to install the pool yourself. In this article, we’ll go over the main steps to give you […]

  • Are Above Ground Pools Made of Aluminum?

    When asked the question, “Are above ground pools made of aluminum?” there is no very simple answer. There are many different types of above ground pools and aluminum may be used in certain components, all the components or none of the components at all. In this article, we’ll go over the various types of above […]

  • Can Above Ground Pools Be Heated?

    When you live in a country that has negative temperatures for the majority of the year and you’re asked the question, “Can above ground pools be heated?” you’re sure to be happy that the answer is “Yes.” Without extraordinarily warm summer temperatures or some way to heat your pool, you’d experience a short and chilly […]

  • Do Above Ground Pools Need Chemicals?

    A common question among people who are shopping for their first swimming pool is, “Do above ground pools need chemicals?” The answer is that if you want to keep your water clean and safe for swimming, you’ll need to use chemicals to achieve the proper balance of the various measurements you need to make. You […]