• Will a Hot Tub Help You Lose Weight?

    Hot tubs have so many wonderful health and wellness benefits. In addition to their therapeutic advantages, they often become a focal point of the home and are a gathering point for social occasions, celebrations and family time. One benefit that many people do not consider when shopping for a hot tub is how they can […]

  • How Long Does a Hot Tub Take to Heat?

    How long it can take to heat your hot tub can depend on a number of factors. These can include how powerful your heating element is, the outside temperature, and if you keep a cover on your hot tub. To learn more about the length of time it will take to heat a hot tub […]

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  • Will a Hot Tub Fit Through My Door

    Having a hot tub indoors can have plenty of benefits. More privacy, no errant weather to deal with, and it can easily become a part of your wellness routine. However, some of the first considerations you need to make for installation are where are you going to put the unit and can it fit through […]

  • Will My Hot Tub Freeze in the Winter

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