Using a Hot Tub for Better Health

Exercise and eating right are among the top things people do when they want to be healthier, but did you know that soaking in a hot tub can also have a positive impact on your health and wellness?

Below you’ll learn how investing in a hot tub can lead to short- and long-term health benefits.

Short-Term Health Impact

There are a large number of short-term health benefits a hot tub can bring. One of the most important of these is stress reduction. While we often think of stress as mental, it actually accumulates in our physical bodies, and has even been linked to high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, and other health problems.

Because soaking in a hot tub calms your mind and relaxes your muscles, it can help you alleviate stress. Massage jets can also work out any body pain, reduce tension in your muscles, and even give you more energy. The mental health benefits of sitting in a hot tub and reflecting on your day can be noticed almost immediately.

Long-Term Health Impact

While short-term health benefits are important, long-term benefits can impact you far into the future. As you use your hot tub more and more, you’ll start to have a clearer understanding of how stress impacts your body. You’ll learn to feel it in your muscles, joints, and mind. Once you start to notice it, you’ll be able to know how often you need to soak to keep stress at bay and even prevent it.

One of the best long-term benefits of using a hot tub is that it can help you sleep better. This is because a hot tub increases your body temperature, which lowers after you get out. Studies have shown that raising and then lowering your body temperature is one of the best ways to sleep better and longer. Using a hot tub can even help you fight insomnia.

Pain Reduction

Exercise, stress, arthritis, and other conditions can all cause bodily pain. But soaking in a hot tub is a known way to alleviate your pain.

The best kinds of hot tubs for pain relief are those with “zone” jet systems. This is because they can provide a massage that targets back pain, neck pain, or pain in any other part of your body.

If you often experience pain after a serious workout, soaking in a hot tub can facilitate muscle healing so you’re ready for your next training session. Finally, warm water ups your endorphin levels, providing you with additional pain relief and feelings of wellbeing.

Additional Physical Health Benefits

Whether you want to improve your blood circulation, decrease inflammation in your muscles, or strengthen your immune system, a hot tub can help. Even better, the health benefits can be achieved quickly, in just 20 minutes. Over this time period, your pulse will slow down, your blood pressure will drop, and you’ll become more relaxed. Blood circulation to your hands and feet will also improve and joint pressure will be alleviated.

Aromatherapy for Mental Health

When you want to truly repair your mind, body, and spirit, aromatherapy oils are a great way to go. Aromatherapy can drastically increase relaxation, focus, and energy levels.

Before rushing out to buy aromatherapy oils, make sure you get them from your hot tub dealer and that they are specifically designed for your hot tub. Always use them according to your manufacturer’s directions to prevent any damage to your hot tub’s internal components.

Now that you have a better understanding of the health benefits of using a hot tub, download our buyer’s guide and start moving toward improved health today.

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